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Do you think Trump is as bad and controversial as everybody thinks or is it just a well-planned media show?
The truth is that President Trump has been practically a bad joke since he took over the presidency, and that makes me think that all his movement, all his actions are coldly calculated to raise a big media stir. However, I'm not sure what the objective will be.

I'm afraid he is. His administration is so chaotic that it can be aptly described as revolving doors. It has been a constant shit show from day one. Anyone remember the inauguration attendance dispute? Or the way he was nervously laughed at when speaking to world leaders at the UN a few months ago? Trump looks as if he suffered from narcissistic personality disorder and the early stages of dementia. He is in a habit of saying things that are completely unpresidential.  

Below is a link to an interview with Trump when he was 33 years old. He had inherited his father's real estate business a few years prior to the interview and had already been quite successful in the real estate business in New York. In the interview, he is very professional and talks like an expert and strikes me as an intelligent and modest person. He's made a lot of money already but there is no sense of self-aggrandizement whatsoever despite the huge success his investments in NYC prime real estate has been.  It's like listening to a different person.


I get the impression that if the young Trump could see what he's become, he'd be shocked. Now, Trump has always been an extremely ambitious man and not particularly scrupulous at that but he was no clown when he was young. 

I think the old Trump was able to get himself elected because he has mastered the kind of speaking styles suitable for a populist - and those are skills that require no complex vocabulary -  appealing to an electorate a very large part of which was scared for their future and angry at the way things were going. Below is an linguistic analysis of Trumps odd but effective speaking  style:



I think he is doing a great job. The media is pissed because they are not getting to shovel all the bullshit they have been trying to feed us. They are just attacking because he is not the puppet they wanted to win. Most all of the big news stations are rean by people with close ties (family/ marriage) to Democrats. 


Even before Trump became president, he has always been a drama king. Hate him or like him, he doesn't care. He just goes about doing his thing. 

Trump is not bad as the media wants you to believe, his ideas and policies are pro America first. I don't see that as a bad thing, everywhere in life is all about interest and personal interest first.

People from other countries criticizing him, their President is probably doing or saying more terrible things than Trump.

The fake news media is just creating unnecessary propaganda against Trump while Trump is busy with governance and revamping the economy.


Trump right from the beginning before he became PRESIDENT has always been a controversial person


Orange man bad. 


Your question is the answer.

The media liked Trump very much, BEFORE he start on the elections, as republican. The media have a leftish, democrat direction and ownership, and this is the end of story.