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What do you think is the most important aspect of life (knowledge, power, love, family, money)?


To different degrees, knowledge, power, love, family and money all have their place in life. However, if I need to rank the most important one, I would say:


I realize that this doesn't work out the same for everyone, but being a part of a family in your formative years, and then having a family of your own, in my opinion, is the most important aspect of life. Here's why.


In any of these reasons, it's possible for them to exist without having a family, but I would contend it can take longer, and that what is felt or achieved will many times not be as lasting or as deep.

When parents have a child, a being that is completely dependent on others for at least a few years of its life, and then diminishing levels of dependence for several more years, it can no longer be about me. It has to be we, with the needs of the child often coming first. There is still a need for me, so one doesn't get lost completely in someone else, but selflessness is sacrifice. In the case of raising children, I would say it is sacrificing for the greater good.


More times than not, love manifests more deeply and richly through family. Love for parents and siblings later can deepen with the love of a spouse and children. Caring for someone you hope will some day surpass you in all respects is a special kind of love. It goes hand in hand with the selflessness.

Love also means doing the hard things for the sake of your family. Even disciplining a child. Providing structure and sticking with it. Following through with consequences. There is a need for a full spectrum of love.


I think a person matures quicker when they need to take care of a family. There is a need to provide and stick to it when times get tough. I'm not sure if that always means staying in the same job, no matter what, but it does mean being gainfully employed and providing the necessities of life. Yes, money is a part of life, and being able to earn it and then spend it wisely is all a part of life in a family.


One's knowledge, power and money stays here when they die. It is possible to try to gift it to others before that, but it's also just as easy to squander it. However, a family built on love and sound principles of honest and integrity will leave a long lasting legacy long after one is gone. In fact, it's quite possible for the knowledge, power, and money to multiply because the families exceed what the previous generation was able to do.

I suppose it's possible for each successive generation to go bad, too. Still, most families who desire to carry on their family name will do respectable things with it.


True happiness can be measured in what one is able to achieve, and then pass on to their children. Living to see the next generations unfold is joy at its fullest. Being able to move from parent, to grandparent, to great grandparent is one of the greatest accomplishments I can think of. Being an influence for good on the lives of those who are your descendants is a wonderful blessing and a great responsibility.

With family, one will never be alone. With family life can be even more satisfying and fulfilling than without it, because there's always someone to care about, someone to help, someone to nurture and someone to love. We are at our happiest when we are not dwelling on our trials or needs, but getting lost in the service of others.


I believe that knowledge, power, money and love can all exist (and need to exist) within the family setting. Knowledge of how to be a good parent and how best to provide and nurture. Power in unity and harmony. Money seen as a way of sustaining life rather than the end of all of everything. Love for those who are the closest to us, and love that ultimately knows no bounds.

Thus, family, to me, is the most important aspect of life.


Out of the choices listed, I will chose love.

In my opinion, love and happiness are some of the more important aspects of life, or what gives life it's meaning. Family falls into this category naturally.