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What do you think have been the most innovative and great uses that have been given to the technology blockchain (put specific examples)?
Since the arrival of blockchain technology all change, computerized ecosystems have been basically revolutionized and more and more we are in the presence of its implementation in more areas of daily life, such as the storage of information in decentralized modules to ensure a better and faster management of data. So I would like you to quote me some of the coolest implementations you know.

The most innovative uses of blockchain is for "Marriage".

It's not the example, but it's already existed in our world now. The name of the marriage blockchain network is :

Marriage Unblocked

So,  by using the Marriage Ublocked Network, everyone can record their  marital status, their sacred vows on the blockchain network. Well,  what is even more unique is that there are no gender restrictions here,  so even though it's a marriage, it can still be done.

The benefit, marriage records will last forever like your love with your partner.