Can gambling makes someone truly rich?

Of course yes, but only for those casino owners and investors. Gambling is purely based on probabilities except for something electronically made betting games where it can configured unfairly. Probabilities of winning or losing - it really depends on some certain percentage of winning or losing. There would be some other cases where a gambler makes his/her way to fortune but only if he/she knows when to stop after winning but most of the time, house always wins the game.

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Remember there are two sides to gambling.

The controller and the player.

Eveery gambling game is set to be controlled by some set of folks.

That's why sport betting companies try as much as possible to add a virtual game to the list of games you can play so they can have a soft spot of control in one feild above all.

Here is the thing! The overall loser is the gamer and the overall winner is the controller.

You can make money off gambling, but it's a game of luck and chance. You can't decide your fate, someone else dose.

Why you can't get rich gambling.

1: You don't control the final result.

2: Gambling makes you to keep putting your cash in the box before you make your next win and at the end almost everyone ends up loosing 95% and winning 5% of the total game result on the average.

3. No matter how super a human you are. The more you gamble the more you stake with higher funds. It's the fastest way to hit rock bottom. How? Your first win gives you hope that you would win in your next game. Then you keep loosing till you go flat, and at times you get little win that motivates you, giving more charges to your greed and your act of revenge as you seek to get your money back giving the bet company a major damage. There you lose more fund because they determine the result.

My hand aches. I would want to stop here.


NO. Gambling can never make a person truly rich because ill gotten wealth always goes down the drain. 

You may make a lot of money gambling, but just the way you gambled to get the wealth, the funds, you will also gamble to spend it. Infact, you will not even know how it was spent. Everything will just wash away before your eyes and you will be surprised how it all went away with the twinkle of an eye.


Yes gambling can makes people rich. The casino owners a lot of money due to gambling. As far as people are concerned. Gambling can give you a limited success as  the greed of money enforced you to try more which eventually resulted a loss of money. I never seen any gambler who is truly rich



I think this would largely be dependent on your definition of being truly rich.  Gambling is a way of life to gamblers and most gamblers do indeed have other sources of income and mostly take gambling as a hobby, although I stand corrected with this.

Indeed, gamblers can win big money through gambling but they are most likely to lose this money back to gambling. I have heard of folks that won big in gambling, bought expensive mansion and cars and was living in virtual opulence for some time until he sold everything off and lost the money to gambling.

This is why I said it is a way of life for gamblers, it is not like they ever stop. It is in the nature of man, riches cannot be enough. Hence, gamblers do not ever retire from gambling even if they'd won big. So it is almost impossible to become truly rich just by gambling. 


Yes and no. You can win or you can lose or you can do both, it depends on many things. 

Long story short, gambling is addictive, you win once and you think you can win again. Then you lose some, win some and so on.  Bottom line, it's better to stay away and earn your money elsewhere. 

Statistics show that many gamblers become depressed and suicidal. there aren't many who can walk away after winning a larger some. they usually go back hoping to win more which is not always possible. 


I actually have seen some people who claimed they got very rich through gambling,sincerely I have met two different people that got very rich after they won a lottery

Even though I have seen some evidence that gambling can make someone rich I still won't advice anyone to totally engage in gambling because they believe that it is the easy way to become rich...

People need to understand that for every person that gets rich through gambling there have been many other people that became very poor after engaging severally in gambling,gambling is addictive and it could make a person to keep spending money on gambling even when they are loosing their hard earned money...


YES, but the possibility is small.

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I don’t think so that one can get rich by betting or gambling.

There is possibility that he/ she can get some money through gambling but I don’t think so that he/she can get so much to be a rich.

Other point is that if someone get a big wining in the gambling in one turn in another term he/she will lose the money, so in the end he/she can’t make huge money.

I have heard rich people getting poor through gambling but I haven’t heard someone getting rich through gambling. 


It can make you very rich or very poor. This is why people gamble as it is the possibility of making it big.'

The casinos normally have their gambling machines fixed at a 60 40 ratio in their favor. At some point someone will win whilst everyone else loses. I wouldn't bank on going to the casino to get rich. Successful gamblers will walk away when they are up and not try and chase a fortune.


Yes. The bookies, casinos, bingo halls, and card rooms all get rich. While you loose all your money.

All those hotels in Las Vegas didn't get built by casinos losing money.

Only gamble what you can afford to lose, because even if you win this week, you'll lose next week.