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Whag makes Mona Lisa so special as an art?

1. It was painted by a famous person so fame by association is a given. 

2. It had its own set of controversies that can stand on their own without the owner. There are mathematical points raised that claim to add more genius to the painter. 

3. It's found in a prestigious museum and it's not easy to have your work showcased in the Louvre. 

4. People's perceived value over the mystery and history of the work. Sometimes it's just people wanting something because other people thought it was important even if they aren't an art lover by nature. The painting costs a lot of money/priceless so it would not be a bad idea to have it for your own without any real appreciation for it. 


The Mona Lisa is a masterpiece of paintings from famous Italian painters in the 16th century, the techniques used to make the painting are very difficult, the paintings are made to look foggy and this is the best work of the painter. In addition there are some things that make the Mona Lisa paintings special, including the great name of the painter, the beauty, the mystery behind the Mona Lisa painting, the woman described by the Mona Lisa himself until now is still a mystery and has not been solved, even though there are assuming the painting is da vinci itself in the form of a woman, but the assumption is still questionable to the truth today.


The enormous reputation it has today comes mainly from its steal in 1911 and its recovery in 1913.

On Monday, August 21, 1911, Vincenzo Peruggia managed to enter the Louvre and to leave with the works, even if it was only Tuesday when they discovered the steal. It was found on December 10, 1913, when Peruggia was caught after handing the painting to Alfredo Geri, an antique dealer in Florence.

During her disappearance, she received extensive media coverage, catapulting her to fame. People even went to the Louvre just to see the hole where it should be. Before the incident, it was not a particularly well-known job (although we will not say it is unknown either).