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Would you give your partner a second chance if he/she cheats on you?

I have cheated on my partner in a relationship and have been given a second chance.

My partner has also cheated on me and I have given him a second chance.

I believe if you love someone, no matter how much they hurt you, you are able to forgive them and let go.

Many things can happen. We are humans, the flesh can cause us to do what we wouldn't normally want to do. It doesn't matter if we love our partner or not, we may find ourselves in compromising situations.

So, giving your partner a second chance in a relationship is not a topic to be debated on if you really love him/her.

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Well, infidelity is a pretty serious thing in a relationship and it's not something that I'd take lightly. I pride myself in being a faithful partner and I refuse to be with anyone who won't give me that same level of commitment. I wouldn't expect my partner to stay with me if I cheated, I'd say I'm sorry, but I wouldn't beg them to take me back, I'd be too ashamed to even do that.

Personally, I don't think I'd take them back, I just won't be able to look at them the same way. Well the reason why they cheated on the first place could actually make me take them back, especially if it was my fault that they cheated. Let's say I work late and haven't been giving my partner enough attention and she feels alone and does something with someone else, I might forgive her and give her a second chance if I love her alot.

Well, relationships are almost always complex and things like this make them even more complicated. I'm answering this question from a logical point of view, but if something like that happens and emotions get involved then things might be different, that's just how it is.

There's no way of knowing exactly what I'd do, it all depends on what I'm feeling in that moment that I catch you cheating. I might be hurt but know that if you left me it would be worse and then forgive you, or k might be so hurt that I'll literally plan how I'll get back at you for hurting me.

I hope this helps.


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There are many cases of infidelity that occur today. And sometimes it is also neutralized on social media about infidelity and this case deserves to be highlighted by the public. Some people were angry and pelted women who cheated on them using Rp 100,000 and Rp 150,000 in cash. There are also women who blatantly beat women who reject husband's affair in the middle of the road to create traffic jams.

Infidelity is indeed a cruel act that is painful and very heartbreaking. If I find my partner cheating on me, will I forgive and give him a second chance?

Infidelity means betraying the sanctity of love and relationships that have been nurtured.

However, we as humans who are given common sense certainly have choices and ways to solve problems. In the sense that everyone must have a choice in solving a problem. In this case, we have a choice between facing an affair with emotions or in a calm, gentle and classy way.

Psychologically, there are some more elegant ways to deal with an affair partner.

  1. Hold yourself, don't react immediately

The first thing that needs to be done when we find out or catch our partner having an affair is to calm down and do not rush to take reactive action. Set your breath and try to use the principle of presumption of innocence, because it could be our suspicion is wrong.

Then collect the evidence. Then think for a moment to think about the best steps and the best solution. If necessary, we can ask friends or trusted people to give a choice of steps we must take. "If you really want to, you can go to your spouse and the suspect is the spouse. Introduce yourself well and involve yourself in the conversation while observing their interactions. If something makes us uncomfortable, talk to our partners on separate occasions using good communication ".

2. Discuss and break relationships

Infidelity occurs not because of the actor's factor but also because of the response from our partner. So we have to talk to our partners carefully, to know what caused him to decide to worry about our relationship.

Usually people who are betrayed will position themselves as victims. However, it is important for couples. How is the interaction with husband or wife all this time? Are there aspects that need to be improved in conjugal relations? This is important to find out the cause of the problem, to minimize problems that can occur again in the future.

3. Think mature to make the best decisions

Indeed the wound of betrayal is sometimes too to make us calm, instead of healing it. But before getting angry and deciding to split up thinking first, think about what we will accept. Think about whether there is still the intention to return or give it a second chance, and improve the existing cracks? Or is there really no way to fix it? But one thing that must be considered is that divorce will affect the children and family of both parties. Financial status, future plans and so on must also be carefully considered. If necessary, ask for professional help such as a marriage counselor to get the best solution.

I think these 3 ways are the wisest solution to overcoming and confronting couples who cheat.

***Be wise***


No I would certainly not......

the fact is that Once someone cheats, then the very important bond of the mutual trust which is really sacrosanct to any relationship - is actually broken irreparably, and also there is no actual way going back from it once it has really happened... I have really seen it occur many times between some people whom I know and i have also even suffered it too myself some many years ago, so from my personal experience I can actually relate to the immense difficulties which a person do face when it happens....

Yes, you can pretend that all is well and actually put a brave face on it,or try to dress it up and also attempt to actually move on and also put it behind you but it will never ever be really forgotten by the party that is innocent... Every form of serious argument will actually bring it up. Every appointment or every engagement that the other person attends will become internally questioned... Every of his or her emails and every texts will begin to give pause for thoughts and pretty much the every actual facet of the philanderer's life after being actuallu caught would really be under scrutiny....and that is not cool for any relationship...

It actually do promote an unhealthy atmosphere and also because the cheated party from that moment on will forever be always suspicious, the wedge of that distrust which is created after the event tend to be often more detrimental than even the actual act of the betrayal which caused it in the first place.....

So if my partner cheats on me i will forgive them but that will be the end to the relationship...my opinio though...


I think I will but in 2 conditions:

* *If she ask for it* - You wouldn't want to give a precious thing to someone who doesn't want to have it.

* *If she deserves it* - You can see that if she's putting a lot of efforts for another chance.

If she doesn't then I think there's no reason to give her another chance. But if we talk about forgiveness, I can give that to her.


Everyone deserves a second chance.

When you're inlove with the person, giving him or her a second chance will just happen naturally.

By this time, you don't need anybody to decide for you, you simply let your heart to decide.

Your partner cheating on you, could really hurt so much, but your ability to forgive, and also grant a second chance, is just what love needs to thrive.

So to answer your question, I would give my partner a second chance to make things right.

Take care.


Yes, if i love her, we humans aint perfect, nobody is above mistake, i have wronged my gf so many times and she forgives me so if she is at fault and she accept the blame, i will forgive her


I would give my partner a second chance for the obvious reason that i love her and love overlooks mistakes.  For me to consider someone a partner it would literally mean i love her without a doubt,  not just on the surface love but the kind of love that has reached a certain level of established bonds and this would be what'll propel me to forgive her and give her a second chance with the benefit of the doubt that she won't repeat same mistake  again,  provided it was a mistake in the first instance and she apologizes for the mistake and ask for my forgiveness.

I've come to understand that we are perfectly imperfect as humans and we only strive towards attaining perfection in our imperfect state,  thus we are prone to mistakes even grave mistakes that hurts the ones we love whether voluntarily or involuntarily.  Our imperfect state is actually what makes us make mistakes and is always the excuse for our mistakes. 

I'd forgive my partner and give her a second chance not because I'm  immune to the heartbreak, lies or cheating or that i don't feel pains or emotional breakdown or that i don't love her in the first place or that i cheat  myself. It's none of the above.  The simple reason why I'd give her a second chance is because i myself know I'm  not anymore perfect than my partner is and i myself can be a victim of my own mistakes and putting myself in the shoes of my partner I'd want her to forgive me aswell . It is in light of this that I'd  forgive her and love her the more while we work on building our relationship back and stronger than it was before because at that point my trust in her might wane a bit but love, communication and commitment  would definitely reignite the trust and make if stronger.  I might never forget the instance but I'd definitely forgive and  give her a second chance because we all deserve a second chance,  however a third chance is what I'll not give. 

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Yes! , I understand no one is perfect. At one point or the other we may fall . And people fall in different phases , some by cheating, some lieing , some betraying you. But it only takes a mature heart to realize such mistake and comes back asking for forgiveness.

I will forgive because I myself has failed at a time and I was forgiven, so I do forgive because I was once forgiven and I will give her a second chance, provided she realized her mistake and promised not to fall into such act again.


Totally depends on the terms of the relationship and how I define cheating. Going by the conventional definition of cheating, which is one partner having sex with other people outside their relationship, I would say yes. I'll give you a million other chances if you have protected sex outside our relationship; this means I wouldn't mind at all considering that I might be doing same, just not exactly caring enough, or there are circumstances.

In the other definition where cheating means sharing our "personal space" with someone else and caring deeply about them, I'd respect myself enough to not give my partner any other chance. There are hardly cases where people change after they've started misbehaving. I wouldn't want be used to teach others the lesson of, "leave after the first "misdeed"."