The year is almost over, and in the beginning resolutions were made. How many have you achieved if you made any ?

Every year, we set out goals, plans, resolutions that we aim to achieve in the following year. I never used to do that until last year. I met a friend who advised me to write out my goals for the coming year. I felt reluctant at first but over time, I was convinced to write down my goals. When you write down your goals, the Universe goes ahead to ensure that those goals are met.

So I wrote down a couple of things that I'd love to see achieved in the year 2018. In 2018, I started working towards fulfilling those goals. At a point though, I gave up. It is not so easy to follow through on a plan consistently. Looking back, I can say I achieved some major goals but a whooping big percentage didn't get achieved though.

To ensure that your goals are met, there are some checks and balances that must be passed. Some of which are:

Set Realistic Goals: Most of the goals I set for myself were not realistic/achievable. I bombarded my goal list with so much unrealistic goals that I got confused when the year started.

Determination: Be determined to push through to achieve those goals. Don't sit back, relax or relent. Be determined to see those goals being met. Even when it seems like your efforts aren't paying off. Be determined to ensure it does.

Put In The Work: A lot of people just set goals and do not put in the required work to see those goals achieved. That was exactly what I did. I set goals, but I didn't put in much of the work to see those goals materialize and I failed woefully.


Well, every year we make resolutions about the coming year but that is the easiest part. The difficult part is sticking to those resolutions and realizing them oe achieving them. I have not always been the type that sets up many resolutions but the few i do set are not achieved at the end of the year. So at one point it became pointless to do this year in year out.

That is when i decided to always stick with one rule for the year which is "Doing my best in all areas of my life or situation i find myself in."Many will say it is not objective and smart or so but atleast it works for me rather than stating things i never achieve year after year.

So this year, i can say i am an improved version of myself and i have achieved a lot without the need for resolutions but just my one rule. I believe that next year will be no different.


Well I made some new year resolutions at the beginning of this year and some of them include stopping bad habits of weed smoking,,avoiding having too much sex daily,reduce my alcohol intake etc...

Well I am happy that I have been able to achieve the resolutions which I listed above and I am glad I was able to get such achievement,

Well there are some resolutions that I have not achieved but I am happy for those resolutions that I have been able to achieve this year and I am so happy for that..


Well there are few things that was planned and over the year few things were suppose to happen but unfortunately some of them were not yet achieved.

For instance each and every person related to crypto was expecting a bull run within this month as of now it does not really seem that it will happen in the remaining few days of 2018. 

Which is quite unexpected as many of the things were planned by many users. While above that the things that I wanted in my practical life I was able to build the pillars this year and form the next year many things are going to change and I indeed am looking forward to those things.


Indeed, consistently we make goals about the coming year yet that is the least demanding part. The troublesome part is adhering to those goals and acknowledging them oe accomplishing them. I have not generally been the sort that sets up numerous goals yet the few I do set are not accomplished toward the year's end. So at one point it ended up inconsequential to do this year in year out.

That is the point at which I chose to dependably stay with one guideline for the year which is "Doing my best in all aspects of my life or circumstance I get myself in."Many will state it isn't target and keen or somewhere in the vicinity yet atleast it works for me as opposed to expressing things I never accomplish a seemingly endless amount of time.

So this year, I can state I am an enhanced rendition of myself and I have accomplished a great deal without the requirement for goals yet simply my one standard. I trust that one year from now will be the same.