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Is eating of fatty foods the only cause of weigh gain?

Eating of fatty foods is one of causes of gaining weight. There are many things that are responsible for gaining weight.


If you have family history of obesity, you might gain weight suddenly. So, gaining weight is also related to your family history.


Medicines has side effects. When you take medicines, you can gain weight as a side effect of taking medicines.

Depression and stress

If you are under depression and stress, that could be the cause of gaining weight. Stress can be from your professional life or personal life. It leads to emotional eating.

Large portion of food

You are eating healthy, but still gaining weight. If you eat a lot, it could be the reason of gaining weight.


When women are pregnant, they have to eat more. They usually gain weight at that time.

Less sleep

Scientists found that if you sleep less, this can cause weight gain. So, sleep deprivation is one of the reasons.

Inactive lifestyle

If you do not move much, sit and watch TV or play video games for example, you can gain weight. You have to change your lifestyle to lose weight.

Still there are many cause of gaining weight. I just mentioned some of the causes above.

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The human body cannot store fat without the presence of insulin in the blood. Insulin tells the fat cells to load up on fat. Insulin secretion is triggered by elevated blood sugar. In fact, you can get fat by following a low fat diet as long as you have enough calories in it. Even a very fatty diet without enough carbohydrates to keep your blood sugar high is unable to fatten you. That's what Atkins' diet is based on: avoiding carbohydrates. 

Of course, if you eat a lot of fat it may upset your stomach or cause gall stones or something else. If you want to lose weight, reducing high-quality fats is totally unnecessary. What you should do is cut down on high-glycemic index carbohydrates (white flour, added sugar etc.) in your diet. If you eat enough carbs to have a balanced diet but not too much and mostly low-glycemic index ones (=not capable of being released into the bloodstream too fast), then you will most likely be able to keep your weight in check unless you get too many calories.

No. You can gain weight too by over sleeping which happens by the food in your body having a slower rate of digestion and thereby entering the blood and body parts to give you weight.

When you take over-excessive rest, there is also a high possibility of you getting incredibly fat in coming months even when you do not plan to.

Apart from rest, people who have the fatty gene are also at a risk of gaining weight. I have a friend who has the fatty gene. She doesn't eat much but she gains weight in an unusual manner. Unlike me, despite whatever I eat, it is very hard, if not impossible for me to gain weight like her.

So apart from eating fatty foods, over excessive rest, and the fatty genes present in some humans are some of the other causes of weight gain.

NO! The majority of the new research now suggests that fatty foods dont make us fat, and that sugar is a major contributor. The old adage was that fat made us fat, and so to make things taste good manufacturers just pilled in the sugar (this was around the 1970s), and over time people started getting obese, even though they were eating low fat foods.

Now there are essentially 'high fat, low carb' diets which people lose weight. Some are eating as high as 70 or more % fat! Part of it comes down to the tyoe of fats they are eating - animal fats, and other healthy fats, such as avocado, nuts and seed. These diets are also low carbs and pretty much zero sugar.

So sugar is probably the number one reason for weight gain. Obviously it comes down to genetics and age aswell, Younger people with 'skinny genes' seem to stuggle to put on weight while others have more of a tendency to gain weight easily.

Yes i believe fatty foods are the main reason behind the body to get weight gain but only fatty food is not the proper reason weight gain is because after having heavy food people are seating and relaxing they are not worried about having fat . One has to do exercise after having heavy food after 30 minutes having meal.
There are several factors that contribute to weight gain. I would say, lack of exercise is the main reason for weight gain. I have seen lots of people eating heavy fatty foods but still remain lean. The reason being they are hard workers. They work out every day or their routine comprises of lots of exercises.

From my personal experience, I have seen people with fat body structure not because they eat a lot but because they don't spend the energy they gain by eating.

A proper digestive system and bowel system is also important for people to maintain a healthy body. If these two are not good, food consumed by a person gets deposited in the body in the form of fat and gradually increases the body weight and size. There are also no straightforward ways to get rid of them easily.

Walking and jogging cannot be the only way to reduce weight. A person will also not need gym to reduce their weight if they plan their food well. Not just food but they should also be able to do exercises regularly as part of their rotine.

Eating of fatty foods can make someone gain so much weight but it is not only fatty foods that can

make someone gain so much weight,there are
also some drinks that have high calorie

content,some beers even have very high sugar content and also contains plenty calories,that is
we have to always watch what we are eating and

what we are drinking,calories are something that the body requires daily but there is a maximum

amount of calories that the body needs,daily,the calories the body needs varies among different

humans but when a person consumes more than the calories their body needs it makes them grow fat...