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What is your opinion about grassroot politics?
In 1980, most of the world's societies sought to go into exile to democratic and liberal countries. This happens because there are many government policies in their home country that are not communicative to them by not involving them in determining a policy, so some people feel disappointed and go to another country.

Such conditions also occur in Indonesia, during the new order of government in Indonesia is authoritarian in which many institutions of lower levels of government and community organizations formed orba deliberately used as a tool to legitimize the power of the New Order by embracing the community to the bottom layer. The government at the time insisted that the organizations they created aimed to support the development program, but in reality did not. These institutions were formed deliberately as a means of government control over the structure of society from the simplest as the form of the power-handers. Given this, the participation of the community is reduced to determine the policy because it is constantly on the point and stir in many ways, so the longer the community becomes depressed in protesting to the government. At that time also, the New Order government tried to restore public confidence by strengthening and developing local institutions by applying a developmentalist approach, which means the government together with the community to build local institutions formed voluntarily from the community as well. the hope is to rebuild public confidence in the government. but the thing that happens is, the government still has a share in controlling every movement of the grassroots organization and does not give freedom to run it. All these deceptions are used in the interests of the political market and as a means of retaining power. Local institutions in the New Order era can be said one of the tools of government power used for political purposes alone regardless of the people.