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Do you think investments in debts will become more mainstream with the issuance of security tokens?

If you check the history of financial aspect of the existing market, then you would agree with me that the investment to debt has been more institutional regardless of what kind of asset it is. That means the retail investor does not constitute a greater a role in the investment to debt. That is because tokenization of debt has not happened which can open a free market and allow the retail players to participate and this has been more or less a subject of institutional players only until now.

But if a proper security token economy is established, then tokenization of debt could happen on a large scale and that will open up the door for retail players and the investments in debt will become more wide and mainstream.  Further, tradable debt tokens representing (for example) mortgages or corporate bonds would be able to undergo a market price discovery based on risk and dividends. It should also be noted that security tokens add more stability to the economy.