Does expressing anger resolve a relationship problem?

Some relationships succeed and others fail. With forgiveness, optimism, kindness, and positive thinking, people can turn around their relationships even after a serious transgression. But it is also true that thoughts and behaviors presumed to be associated with better well-being lead to worse well-being among some people. So it is not always best to forgive and forget in marriage. Forgiveness in marriage can have some unintended negative effects. We all experience a time in a relationship in which a partner transgresses against us in some way. For example, a partner may be financially irresponsible, unfaithful, or unsupportive. So when this situation occurs, we must decide whether we should be angry and hold onto that anger or forgive.

Further, believing a partner is forgiving leads agreeable people to be less likely to offend that partner and disagreeable people to be more likely to offend that partner. Anger can also serve an important role in signalling to a transgressing partner that the offensive behaviour is not acceptable. If the partner can do something to resolve a problem that is likely to otherwise continue and negatively affect the relationship, people may experience long-term benefits by temporarily withholding forgiveness and expressing anger.

Therefore people need to be flexible in how they address the problems that will inevitably arise over the course of their relationships. There are no magical things in dealing with a situation, no single way to think or behave in a relationship. The consequences of each decision we make in our relationships depend on the circumstances that surround that decision.

So sometimes it is good to have and express anger, at least temporarily. Sometimes expressing anger might also be necessary to resolve a relationship problem. The short-term discomfort of an angry but honest conversation benefits the health of the relationship in the long-term.


There is nothing wrong in expressing anger,it's always better to let someone who offended you know about your hurt than just bearing it in mind. But then you express that for the understand how you feel and not to cause more troubles.


Definitely yes.

If one does not express is emotions over something you wouldn't know if he/his is in a good mood or not and such can't settle situation at the moment instead it will keep on coming each time a misunderstanding comes up.

Not everyone can control anger in such situations so the best is to derive such attitude to overcome like staying away from quarel or just pretend as if you didn't hear any insultive statement if there's any.