How does video games affect the brain of a kid?

There are both positives as well as negatives in playing video games. People may think that video games can spoil their kids but it is not completely true. There are some strategy games that can really sharpen the skills of the kids. Of course when I say that they are good, there are also other negative aspects in playing video games. Especially when kids are very young, it can create many harmful effects. They should be introduced to kids only when they are mature enough to understand the effects of the video games. Some kids naturally show disinterest towards video games. It is quite normal. For those kids, we need not worry about it becoming a negative effect for the brain. It is usually the kids who show more interest towards video games who get affected by the effect of over playing. 


  • There are many games that really helps in brain development. 
  • Some strategical games stimulates out of box thinking. This can help them use the skill in their day to day life as well. 
  • Some games require spontaneity and nice reflexes. If such games are played, they will be able to exhibit the same in their real life as well. 
  • As the kids focus more on the video games, they will not have any other thought about going for any different addiction. 
  • Handling some of the kids can become easier as the effect of the games they play can help in sharpening their brain. 
  • Kids are also exposed to stress like adults. Stress can sometimes harm the brain activities. Video games can be a good stress buster for the kids. 


  • Controlling the kids can sometimes become highly challenging. 
  • Kids lose interest towards physical and outdoor games. The focus will only be on the brain development and literally their physical skills will not be enhanced. 
  • Video games can create negative impact on the brain thus leading the kids to not obey their parents. 
  • Video games can affect the brain capabilities of some of the kids making them think like a super hero on every situation in their real life. 
  • More of all, video games can be really addicting. Their brains will be completely used to video games and some kids may not be able to live without video games. 
  • Sometimes video games can complicate the thinking of a person. Even for a simple situation in life, people will end up thinking of complicated solutions. This can be due to an after effect of continuous gaming. 
  • For some kids video games can create a high level of stress affecting their brain functions. If they are addicted to gaming, they will not show any positive sign towards other learning. 
  • Video games can sometimes affect the brain of the kids making them show more focus towards their studies. 

Considering all the above points, I'm not going to say that video games are really harmful for the kids or good for the kids. If both the positives and negatives are taken into consideration and if a balance is done, the video games can be used as a great tool for brain development. It need not necessarily be a brain game that can change a kid's thinking capabilities, but even a strategy game can affect the kids and make them think out of box. But when it comes to kids, the parents should also be frequently monitoring what the kids do. 

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Children come standard adapted for change, their brain is more flexible precisely to learn. They don't care about change; on the contrary, it stimulates them. Adults like change less because it's not nice to change our way of thinking when we've been doing it in one way for 40 years. When poetry and theatre appeared, the appearance of books in the Middle Ages was criticised because it corrupted minds. Later, television "stunned" the brain and now, more of the same, with computers, tablets, smartphones and game consoles.

First we must consider the age of the child associated with their ability to choose and responsibility and then assess the type of activity they do with the device. Watching a Peppa Pig video is not the same as playing at killing monsters or interacting on social networks with strangers.

The big problem with video games - in front of the television - is that video games, as a consequence of their repetitive and rewarding structure, could generate a dependence on them that would lead children to be constantly aware of the video game throughout the day.

All of this leads to a great loss of time, difficulties in carrying out school homework properly, lack of attention and concentration during school hours and a behavior of isolation in the school itself.

Scientifically speaking, video games improve attention, improvements in various types of attention, including sustained and selective attention. In addition, regions of the brain that play a key role in attention are more efficient in people who play video games compared to non-players, and require less activation to stay focused on demanding tasks. They increase the size of the brain, scientific evidence also shows that playing video games increases the size and performance of parts of the brain responsible for visuospatial skills-the ability to represent, analyze, and manipulate objects mentally. Specifically, the right hippocampus.

However, just as it has good benefits, using video consoles a lot creates an addiction that affects the brain, and much more when parents interfere with subtracting hours of play, after the child is used to playing as many times as he wants.


1....Positive effects of video games on kids.......

•It gives fun and stimulation esteem by decreasing the feeling of anxiety in kids and guardians.

•It learns basic aptitudes and acquires thinking capacities.

•It gives them a feeling of accomplishment which encourages them construct his/her fearlessness.

•Develops critical thinking aptitudes and help them to deal with complex circumstances.

•It advances coherent aptitudes, math abilities, multi taking and so on.

In spite of the fact that computer games may positively affect youngsters, it additionally gets forceful and addictive practices'. Numerous guardians stress, no uncertainty, for its negative impacts on their youngsters, which are recorded beneath

2......Negative effects of video games on kids....

•Makes your child socially secluded.

•It empowers the inactive way of life on kids' wellbeing, which can prompt youth heftiness.

•Attention issues like ADHD(Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder).

•It is a hazard factor for physically forceful conduct.

•Family cooperation issues, for example, more negative parental connection


I have 3 children, two of them play games on my phone, tablet or on our desktop. My youngest child is just two years old, same age when both her older brothers learned to play video games. One thing I've notice on children nowadays especially in to my children is that they tend to get irritated easily. At first I haven't notice why, I thought children today are just like that. They always wanted things to happen so fast. They don't eat much, don't focus on studying at school and they don't want to play outdoor. All they want to do is stay at home and be with their gadgets. The only thing I've notice that could be a positive impact is that they always stretches their brains to think what strategy should they do to win which is a good brain exercise. But the negative impact is they only think much about a strategy on a game but not on their lectures at school.

Then I have read a magazine with a topic about kids and video games. Then I saw on the article that the signs that I'm seeing on my children is just the same on what the magazine says. The challenge to me now is how am I gonna stop my children to play video games. So as early as now I already stopping my youngest to learn about video games so she will not be like her older brothers.


 Video games are high recommends for kids because all kids would love to play different type games and yes videos game surely leaves the best impact on kids. As you know by gaming kids learn many things like in the coding game, DIY games, Puzzels, and many other types of video games. Kids love games so they learn many things from games.

We should never think that games are not good for kids or they are wasting time playing games. This is not true, games are the only one solution that are fantastic for kids for their boosting confidence and boosting their learning skills. Games also leave the great impect on kids they feel like in the real imaginary world and feel refreshes mind.

When I was a kid I also spend my most of time with playing the video game and other many kinds of games. The most favorite game is candy crush and not I was playing when I was the kid I also playing now when I have free tīme. So games will be perfect to play for kids.  


Video games have advantages and both disadvantages on a kids brain in the sense that a child's parent has to control the way a kid dedicates his or her time playing a video game.

It can affect a kid positively in the sense that it keeps the kid busy which can save him from trouble and it is also fun keeping the child busy.

It affects the kids brain negatively by not making him dedicate less to academic stuffs which is not good.

But when a parent monitors the time a child dedicates in playing video games it is good for the child because we all know that 'All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy' .

So my advice is that allowing a child to play video games is not a bad idea but it must not be all the time. The child has to understand the fact that there is time for everything. Like me, I will always play video games with my kids it is really fun and it binds the family love.