What are the different online file sharing methods for video file??
Please don't suggest YouTube or dtube

I don't really know your intentions regarding the video files you want to send. It actually depends on who you intend to share the video with or where you want to share the video. There are online platforms that support you posting videos online for other people to watch which is a form of video blogging and I think you don't actually mean this since you don't want suggestions like YouTube and dtube. I guess you actually want to share the video to someone else.

If you want to share an offline video to someone else you can make use of your social media applications like whatsApp, Facebook, telegram and other social media platforms that support offline video sharing. I am 100% sure of whatsApp and telegram because I do make use of it a lot anytime I intend to send offline videos to people.

Other suggestions includes the use of your email and Dropbox. There is a portion that enables you to attach files on your email when sending messages to other people. You can also make use of Dropbox.

Thanks for reading and I hope this helps.

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If you have a good Internet connection, creating a torrent file for the video file and sharing the torrent file to your end-users will do the job. They do need to install a torrent client though, like qBittorrent.