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What is the total supply of PAL token, what is the inflation rate & how the reward pool works in PAL?

PAL Supply

The current(mid-2019) total supply of PAL is 21 Million(with the current inflation being 10% per year).

 PAL Inflation

  • The initial target inflation in PAL starts from 10% & decreases at the rate of 1% per year.
  • The current inflation(mid-2019) is now 10%.
  • The inflation decreases every year until it reaches 4%.

PAL Reward Pool

  • 75% of the reward pool is distributed for "Proof of Brain"(Content creators & Curators).
  • 10% of the reward pool is distributed for "Proof of Interaction"(msp-active and awarded to the members who actively engage in discussions over discord channel).
  • 5% of the reward pool is distributed for "Proof of Moderation"(msp-finance for administrative task & management).
  • 10% of the reward pool is distributed for "Proof of Mining"(PALM & PALMM miners).


PAL has "Proof-of-Brain" & "Proof of Interaction". Proof-of-Brain refers to the curating of the content on-chain(through palnet.io & on Steem blockchain). Proof-of-Interaction refers to social interaction between the community members over official discord channel of PAL and the PoI reward goes to msp-active, where the community members who partake in healthy discussions over discord channel are rewarded.

PAL has considered the practical use-case of our social interaction outside Steem blockchain. It is no wonder that majority of the Steemians interact over discord and this interaction is casual & significant, therefore encouraging this individual behaviour through a concept like Proof-of-Interaction is one of the most unique ways and PAL team should be complimented for implementing PoI concept of reward in its incentive model.