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There is a saying - Excess of everything is harmful. Will you agree that excess of money is harmful ?

Yes! One common problem filthy rich people have is finding other people to "trust". Almost all people who befriend them or is interested with them romantically are most of the time only after their money. The worst thing is that it's not only limited to the one with all the excess money. Their sons/daughter or even relatives will likely have that problem too. It's now even hard to find pepple to trust when you are just a normal person or businessman, just imagine when you have that much excess money.

There is also the issue of "security". If you are filthy rich would you feel comfortable sending your children to a normal school? a school with a pretty lax security? when you know for yourself that a lot of bad people will try to do something to your child in exchange of money?

If you have kids, most likely they will rely too much on your money making them spoiled, lazy and too dependent on you. While it is not directly harmful to you it will affect the people around you. Just a good amount of money would probably be good enough to have.


Excess of money is not harmful if you don't allow it get over your head. The statement excess of anything is harmful is mostly used in relation to things taken into the body. E.g, food, exercise, water, alcohol, etc. Since the body has a limit of these things it can accommodate at a given moment, when such thing is given to the body in excess, it becomes difficult for the body to process and this stresses the organs of the body.

But since money isn't taken directly into the body, having money in excess cannot be harmful unless we allow it get into our heads and cause us to engage in harmful habits or practices. If you can still be yourself after having the excess money and not allow the money control you, it can never be harmful to you.


I really don't understand what excess money would mean. For all I know, I haven't seen anyone yet who has money in the excess.

I think excess money would mean that the money has no use. I've not seen that happen yet. Even Jeff Bezoz, the current Richest man in the world still has plans for the money he's accumulated.

However, I think money makes people lose self control, not everyone though.

I've seen some persons change completely because they had an upgrade of their finances. It should never be that way.

I've said it before that that money is a tool and should be use as such. The way some people behave when their pockets are bulging with money is appaling.

Excess money, in your terms, isn't necessarily evil but it could be assumed to be depended on the mindset of the possessor.


Ofcource excess of money is harmful. Because you gradually forget about the value of the money and start spending lavishly knowingly or unknowingly. I personally think everyone should have money for their basic needs and for safety purpose. When they start spending on luxury things which is really not useful then it is time for them to help others who really need money but practically speaking all wont start helping others once they feel they are financially sound.

There are only few good hearted people who helps others once they get more of something. Money is something people wants more and more but never gets satisfied with that grafually money makes human runs after it and makes him to do anything and everything for it.


I think it depends since money as an object is harmless by itself.  What you do with the money will make it harmful or not, like where you will be spending it.

I also think that in terms of money, excess can be for the emergency fund or savings. Which means we need to have some excess money for the unexpected things or situations. As well as some excess money to have savings for the future. Specially if you have kids or family that relies on you and you are the provider.

If you will use those excess money for bad vices or bad deeds, you can really say that it is harmful since you do not know how to spend money correctly. 


It depends on your ability to handle large sums of cash. This is entirely dependent on you. 

What you decide to do with a copious amount, will determine whether or not you are suitable to obtain such a large amount. 

I would say, if you are going to use the money in a way that hurts humanity, then you should not have the money, and I think humanity would agree. 

If you are going to utilize it for the betterment of society, then absolutely, this is a great reason for you to have access to funds. 

There of course is the other factor, that some people are liable to party their life away with such cash. 

It's hard to know exactly how you would handle a large sum of cash without ever owning a large sum. 


Most definitely!

The saying that “excess of everything is harmful” is very much correct. Meaning: too much, is simply “too much”. And too much of a good thing is, well, still too much... The same goes for money.

What is more important is, how much is “too much”, or “excess”? And that’s something that differs from person to person and situation to situation.


It definitely can be. In general, I'd say yes. Money represents resources and excess money will lead to resources being underappreciated and wasted. When a person, a company, any entity is in a growth phase, being lavished with excess resources can prevent it from developing capacity for adaptation and efficiency. We know this from spoiled children who demonstrate no resilience. We also know this from many blockchain projects that launched ICOs and were shoveled insane amounts of money and ended up very little or nothing to show for it. Striking the right balance is optimal for the growth of people and human collectives. They should have enough for growth but not too much to obviate any need to adapt and overcome.


It very well may be.

It very well may be de-propelling. Work is more enjoyable in the center than toward the start. In the event that you don't need to work, you may never locate this out.

Cash can give access to costly negative behavior patterns, while giving the weariness that may make one more prone to enjoy.

Cash can make you an objective for entrepreneurs and offenders.

Then again, having cash implies you don't need to offer your opportunity. You can do whatever you need, at whatever point you like.

Having cash gives a security net that makes it conceivable to go out on a limb that prompt more noteworthy prizes.

Cash can't purchase satisfaction. Yet, utilized shrewdly, it purchases more bliss than destitution can.

Furthermore, the reality remains, it is less demanding to take care of the issue of having excessively cash than the issue of having close to nothing