What life lesson did you learn the hard way?

One of the lessons I learned was that it is difficult to trust any person.

IF we start thinking that the bad people are those who are in the streets and the good ones are those that surround us and smile to the face every day, who are with us only when we are in good moments of life. Of that kind of people we should take care of ourselves, when there is a lot of money in the middle of people they forget even the years of friends, even if they are decades old, families forget their kinship.

I have seen many things that I can not comment, but I have learned, life taught me.

So to be careful with good friends, there are many wolves disguised as obese


Companions always" is a fantasy. A joke. With time,many will abandon you and you will leave many.

Genuine companions are few,maybe a couple.

You'll be distant from everyone else in the most troublesome occasions of your life. These occasions will make you wise,mature and valiant.

No one will encourage you. You gotta encourage yourself.

Your wellbeing and vocation will just thank you,reward you in future; And not individuals.

You will meet a ton of phony individuals; figure out how to recognize such individuals and keep up a sound separation.

You will be hauled down out of enviously; don't get astonished. Its typical.

You'll be cheated,betrayed by your nearby ones, don't get shocked. Grin. What's more, proceed onward.

Individuals will treat you as per their need and ravenousness.

It regards be generous,benign and charitable. Be that as it may, there's a point of confinement. Or on the other hand you'll be taken as allowed.

Snatch each open door you can. Time flies and blame is the most exceedingly terrible inclination I let you know.

To accomplish anything in life,you gotta work your rear end off. You gotta buckle down. Nothing comes simple.

Be even minded while taking any choice. Try not to give your feelings a chance to impact you.

Each troublesome stage in life will bring you an exercise. Try not to get demoralized. Coax end out of it.

Furthermore, last however not simply the least,never think little of. You have considerably more potential,ability,talent than you might suspect.


Well over the past few years there are few things that I was able to learn but at this moment of the time I do really want to share this particular one.

"You are not that Smart, that you Think of yourself"

Well this might sound awkward but it is the truth for most of the person. At some point in our life when we really want to grow in our life we realize that there are much more important things that are yet to be unveiled in front of us and just by being the person (Self obsessed) will not really make your grow in your life rather it will stop you from learning and evolving in your life. That is not what you want and the sooner you get to realize that the sooner you will be able to make good use of yourself. 

We are human beings we have our own shortcomings, you will not fall apart from accepting those but you can grow a lot stronger by working on those and make yourself a better person than you already are.



Love yourself, because if you don’t, why would anybody else love you?


To love myself, and treat myself with respect. 

Without being able to do so, life doesn't carry as much meaning, and I make poor decisions.