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Can there be happiness without sadness?

Happiness is independent of all other emotion because happiness by definition is a sense of well-being, joy, or contentment

I think the opposite is True. Personally I think there can't be sadness without knowing happiness. But, we usually never realise that we were happy until be lost it to a state of sadness.

Usually we never realise the state of contentment until of course something bad happens and makes we feel less than content which leads to dissatisfaction.

We either got sad or angry when we are not satisfied. To be satisfied is to be content which can relatively be a happy state.

So happiness is a default state. Other emotions like anger and sadness are a produced by the disruption of sadness. 

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 Answering your question, I personally think that happiness can not exist without sadness since one complements the other, both are basic and infinite feelings in which a balance is necessary since the increase of one is the lack of the other.  

That is something subjective that goes from the personal opinion of each person since some of the feelings automatically represent the feelings of the people in an eventual stage of time.  

Happiness is the personal satisfaction of fulfilling some goal or goal of life, is to feel full with your life now, happy with your partner, happy with your work, but really before you get to that you must have gone through sadness, you must have had a bad experience in love to get to the point where you are today, or just a discussion with your current partner who got over and got where they are today ... you must have put papers in different jobs until you have one and have an interview, You must have gone through some moment of anguish or sadness before finding happiness and that is totally normal.  

When we feel sad or discouraged, we come to think that life is cruel or unjust, so it is easy to understand why, in those moments, happiness seems to us the best goal of life or the "natural" state to achieve. However, that would overlook an important truth about human experience: sadness is an emotion as authentic as happiness. The moments of happiness and joy, and also the deeper sense of well-being that sometimes surrounds us, only make sense because they represent a sharp contrast to our experiences of disappointment, suffering and sadness, or even those moments when we feel trapped in a tedious routine. 

 For all this, sadness should never be repressed, nor any other feeling, but accept it, embrace it, welcome it into our lives, so that the things in our life are a kind of balance that allow us to flow.

Although without sadness there is no joy, always keep a happy perspective with you, try to have your willpower accompany you at all times, remember that although it is sometimes necessary to fall, even on your knees, to resume our life with a renewed impulse, You can discover happiness after a fall, however unexpected it may be.

And you, do you consider that without sadness there is no happiness or have another different point of view? 


To be specific, I think without sadness one cannot gain consciousness of being in a happy mood. Life is full of ups and downs because most times we find ourselves in the state of expectations, this at times leads to disappointments. Automatically, we are sad if our expectation fails.

We cannot just be happy all the time because life is not a bed of roses. No one stays happy all the time.

Even the wealthiest person on earth gets sad sometimes, don't forget wealth cannot buy one happiness (my own opinion though).

So long as life is concerned, we all experience mood swing. Events and people around us can make us happy when we are in a sad mood. comedy movies and video games also do a great deal keeping one happy.

So for one to say he/she is happy, then the person must be someone who has experienced sadness previously or presently.

One can also be happy after experiencing tension through expecting something from someone or expecting something to happen.

My opinion is that without sadness, one cannot be totally happy.


 Well, happiness and sadness are the part of life so we never feel always sadness and weak. There is sadness where is happiness, So I think both are with you as the passes of times. Sometimes we feel so helpless and no chance to come happiness in your life then we should think that this is not still with you If this situation is with you then, of course, the happy moments are also waiting for you to realize how important life is it.

The only person can make their life happy just staying with positiveness and concisely doing the right things in life. If you do positive things in your life then you'll see the positīve change in your life in just some days. If you going through the circle situation of life then think God is loving you that's why they pass you in that situation. So we should never think that no one loves you.


This is a paradox, in the contradictory sense. 

There is no possible way for happiness to exist without sadness, as light cannot exist without darkness, good exist without evil, and love cannot exist without hate, ect.

With each of these examples, there is an extreme opposite to be observed, and it's the presence of the extreme opposite that gives these examples meaning, without their opposing force, there can be no logical reason for their existence.


In the event that there was no Sadness, there would have been no happyness. It isn't that joy relies upon Sadness, yet the insignificant presence of two is fundamentally unrelated. In the event that you have never been Sad, you wouldn't realize what Happyness is, really going after certainty that it's solitary when you've been Sad, at that point you can be Happy.


Going over to the answers of other users with regards to this question, I noticed that majority thinks that there is no happiness if we have not experienced sadness. I believe otherwise.

For me, when we are brought into this world, we are destined to be happy. When we are babies, our nature was to giggle or laugh. We sometimes cry but that is not because we are sad, but because we need something. With this said, we are created to be happy. So, I believe the question should be like this:

Can there be sadness without happiness?

For example, when someone we love dies, we feel sad right? This is because we remember the happy moments being together. But we never realize how happy we were when we were together until we lost him which makes us sad.

We may have different views on this one but one thing I know is certain. We are created to be happy. So stay happy and the world will follow.