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What differences can you notice between commercials from 5 or 10 years ago and commercials today?

The direction commercials have swung in recent years has really baffled me. From focusing majorly on the product, these days the focus has shifted to the person advertising the product.

It's the reason why you see top artiste and athletes now gracing the covers of the magazines and their faces on adverts.

That's not the part that's even pisses me off. It's the attempt to arouse people's lower appeals that I don't like. I see it as a disrespect to viewers today be shown half dressed models who are showing enough skin to make someone look have a boner. It's not the way and shouldn't be.

I'm all for progression but not in that kind of way. I hope things change soon.


Commercials done five to ten years in my country and the ones currently done here is totally different. In 2001 St Moritz cigarette launched a commercial of which they used the song High by lighthouse family, the commercial was amazing because the song theme matched the cigarette brand and after the comercial I noticed they usually warned that smokers are liable to diet young, to me this meant that they knew that their product if abused can cause sever lung cirrhosis as well which can definitely lead to death and that's why they put a warnings at the end of their commercial

these days really schnapps of 40% alcohol runs commercial and they forget to warn people of it's potential danger which they should be doing, I noticed that commercials of these days the business ventures are only interested in the profiteering of the business, while the comercial of even more then ten years ago is quite different and cares for effect their produce may have on people just like St Moritz's cigarettes in 2001


Commercials today are way way way more politically correct. Everyone has such thin skin now adays. Everyone wants to be offended by everything instead of just laughing about stuff. 


Todays comercials are so PC culture it makes me sick. Everyones feelings get hurt so quick and if the commercial does not apeal to the PC crowd they try and destroy the business with boycotts and all kinds of rediculous stuff. 


I have noticed a swing in commercials to include all races. In South Africa that is unheard of 20 years ago even 10 years ago it was rare. 

Today they include all races and you will see a black and a white person in all commercials. How shallow and blatant is that. It shouldn't matter but that is one thing I have noticed.


No more radio Shack commercials, no more Blockbuster commercials, no more CompUSA commercials...


This question is great, I happen to have read an news article that answers this one.

The government brought into place a few years ago a new law saying that people can not be miss lead by an advert, this been said everything that is in the advert has to be 100% fact.

It can still be funny, it can still be catchy but it has to be honest otherwise the company who has made the advert can be prosecuted for misleading customers, which is great.

The down fall to such a law has put a strain on adverts, it has made them boring and uniformed, I used to like the great adverts like the milky way advert as I thought it was great but now they have changed it and it just like the rest.