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What is important - to love or be loved?

 I love this question !!! 

Sharing love, giving and receiving is the most beautiful thing that human beings can do. There are people who say they are happy giving love, if it is true that love is paid only with love, but not always give and receive is in balanced measures, and that is why people suffer waiting for a reciprocity that does not come from the desired shape or person.  

Others, on the other hand, do not know how to show love or it is very difficult for the reasons that they are, those people also suffer inside.  

And the question that we all ask is:  Love or be loved eh?  

Many of the people perhaps most will respond that love, since you give everything of you, and that life would be sad without doing it ...  

However, I will answer that both are important ...  What is your left arm or right arm more important to you? or your right eye or your left eye? BOTH ARE IMPORTANT. 

I think we should love, love everything that surrounds us, love our parents, love our children, love our partner, love our pets, love our house, our car and maybe there are people who love their work, life is based on love, love is the most beautiful there is without doubt but like everyone else, human beings also need love, we need that warmth that accompanies us, we need a hug, we need a kiss, a "I love you" We need to hear an "everything will be fine" we need company in times of stress or sadness, and we simply need love.  

This is why we live in search of a partner, a life partner, who accompanies us in our moments and who is in charge of day to day remind us that he loves us and recharges us with that warm daily love.  

Now there must be a balance, we can not love more than they love us, or they love us too much without us showing a little love.  

There is a saying that says: Do not give so much to empty yourself, or take so much without matching ... the perfect balance lies in knowing how to both give and receive.

 But above all, one of the most important things before loving and giving love is to love yourself, self-love is paramount and once you achieve that love and well-being towards yourself you can express love towards other people and other people can love you.

 Moral: Being loved is as important as loving, you can not be completely happy without the mutual complement of both.

Love is the most beautiful thing there is, it really loves and is loved and you will see how your life changes ...  



Both are similarly essential. You can not pick one. Love is a shared inclination. For me "love" require a little give and take.

To adore without being cherished is a standout amongst the most pernicious things, however When we adore somebody without expecting anything consequently, that is the point at which your affection is genuine and unadulterated. It makes us feel enchanted and fulfilled. You're simply doing your obligation until the point that you don't discover somebody who cherishes you back.

Then again being cherished is the best inclination on the planet. I never felt genuinely adored in somebody's organization. In any case I know it's an uncommon inclination you'll at any point go over.


Both of course! 

I think it would be hard for people to love someone who cannot reciprocate love.