Why is there poverty and suffering in the world?

Resorces are limited and human wants are insatiable. Men will be forever a greedy being motivated above all things by self interest.

Bertrand Russell said this and so did Ayn Rand.

I hate that I'd have to reference Rand but sadly lately I've found this to be an aboslute truth.

Of course you can blame the system. And yes you wouldn't even be wrong. Yes the system is fucked. But sadly that is the way it is. Man is not so young a creature anymore. We've been around for a while, and all over the years you'll find that history is littered with men and women trying their bests--sometimes with good intentions sometimes with bad-- to find a better, all inclusive system that would practically solve the problems of man and bring about an equal fairer distribution of the scarce resources.

Sometimes the results have been commendable, viz the transition from feudalism to capitalism, and sometimes the outcome have been disastrous and catrasphotic: Hitler, Soviet Union, Mao. Hello Socialists, lol.

This goes to show that the problem in fact is not in the system, but in the men ourselves.

Self preservation will always be the thriving motive of all homo sapiens. And for that there will always be a thriving class and a poor class. And even though I hate this fact myself, sadly this is how it is.


Poverty and suffering are caused by man. The earth already gave man everything it needs to have a comfortable life here but man's wickedNess and greed are what is preventing everyone from enjoying the goodies of the earth.

Most people are suffering in the world because those that came before them made no plans for them. Wealth move in chain as well as poverty. When the people that are supposed to lay the foundation for your success fail to do it, you're bound to work extra hard to make it in life. Likewise, if you fail to lay the foundation of success for your children they would be required to work extra hard to make it in life.

When the government of a nation fail to lay the right foundation for the future generation, poverty and suffering becomes inevitable. Likewise, when parents fail to plan and lay the right foundation for their children, the children will end up working twice as hard to make it in life. Study most of the wealthy families in the world, you would discover that most of such wealth were passed from generation to generation.

failure to lay the right foundation either by government or those that came before us are some of the reasons why there's poverty and suffering in the world


Because humans as a species are greedy, jealous and afraid to give up what they have.

There is enough of everything to go around if shared equally, but that will never be the case.

We are divided into countries, continents, categorized as G-nationlevel, etc.

We cannot even take care of those within our own little area, how are we to do so on a global scale?

Everyone of us (myself included) wants to keep what we have and we want more. In general giving away what you already have to others, especially if you feel they are lazy, undeserving or whatever we use to justify to ourselves, is not the way to improve your lot in life. Everyone says, if I was richer I would do more, give more, help more. But very few of us ever reach the stage where that occurs more than a couple times a year (mostly holidays).

If everything, food, wealth, housing, medicine, etc was distributed equally and without prejudice, poverty and suffering would be greatly reduced. Possibly even eliminated

However, sadly, this will never occur


Because we are after all

Simply Human