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What is the WORST PRANK You have played on someone?

Thinking about this now, the memory is still very fresh. It happened over ten years ago. There was this trendy news about death resulting from the consumption of paw-paw fruit and coke. I didn't understand the chemistry behind it neither did I believe it but news had it that a lot of people died from it's consumption together.

In my compound, we had an orchard where several fruits grew. From oranges to pear, cashew, mango, guava, and lots of paw-paw. We returned from farm really tired one Thursday afternoon and decided to begin meals with paw-paw fruit as appetizer. Some minutes later, my elder sister brought out some bottles of coke for us to drink. I opened to drink with paw-paw still in my mouth when they suddenly reminded me that I wasn't supposed to combine both. So I sealed the bottle and kept for later.

Meanwhile, a thought was brewing in my mind to text my friends and tell them that I just took coke with paw-paw together. I'm sorry I'm leaving the world without fulfilling my dreams and I'll always love you and be fond of your memories even in death.

I sent the message and placed my phone on silence. My friends called but I didn't take the calls. It was mid week service in church and my sisters went ahead of me. Meanwhile my friends were already scared as they rushed towards my sister to ask of my whereabout. She told them that I was coming behind and I was fine.

Few minutes later, I entered church and was wondering why my friends we're giving me very funny looks because I had forgotten that I sent them messages,earlier on. I laughed hard when I realized the reason. They were really mad at me for joking with life and playing such pranks.


haha, this one is a great one to answer.

I actually pranked another steemian @wrongjohn for a video that I post on the blockchain and it was great.

It took a little planning as I didn't want to do it while his son was around so I had to wait a while until he was at his mums house for a few days.

What I did was wait until he came to the house and pretended that my son was going to sleep, when he walked in I asked him if he wanted to see my sons new clothes knowing that he would say yes because he is that type of guy.

As i walked to the landing top, I then dropped a doll dressed in my lads dolls down the stairs, he ran up the steps trying to stop what he thought was my son falling.

When he saw that it was a doll, he throw it back at me and had a few choice words and even pulled his fist back, it was perfect timing and made great entertainment. 

I have pulled other pranks on him since then, like changing the sugar for salt, and he made a coffee and spat it all over me. it was quality, he was nearly sick.

He keeps saying he is going to get me back at some point but he hasn't to date done anything.

I have plans to play more jokes on him, but they have to wait as now we have moved house we are seeing less and less of each other.


It is when I posted on her facebook account that she is pregnant for three months. I was totally laughing that time, thinking I posted "33 months" but instead I placed "3 months" which I didn't know. 

Then her family and uncle from abroad saw her post. They rant on her saying they will stop supporting their studies and abandon them as a family. They said she was a disgrace and the community (and her friends) keep telling "Congratulations!".

It was a nightmare. I almost got into jail that time. I asked for apology that time and kneeled. That time I  promised to my self to be careful with my actions.