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Do you try to create positive energy around you?


 I love your question because the answer is YES YES and YESSSSSSSSSSSSS!!

Now I explain to you why ... I totally believe in the law of attraction and positivism, whenever you think good and positive things you will attract that to your life, while when you think of negative things, or bad things you will attract those negative things to your life.  

In fact I have verified it by myself, as all the people sometimes I wake up with the left foot, and I am all the day with a negative aura or a heavy humor and I have verified that all the day goes to me badly, things happen to me bad, and I feel bad mood, while when I wake up happy, with encouragement, with energy my day flows perfectly. 

In fact carry out a formation of CRP or also called circle of personal fulfillment that we call a philosophy of life that is based on the management of the personal vibration, that facilitates the realization of the person, through 6 strategies, that elevate their vibratory frequency to the point that it is similar with the vibration of your desires. 

With the crp I have improved my life completely, since I always think positively and everything in my life comes out as I hope. 

When I want something to happen, I do not think about the obstacles or I worry about that, I just think that I really want it, and I work to make it happen, and guess what? ALWAYS I HAPPEN EVERYTHING AS I EXPECT.  

As the saying goes: "Wish all that you want so much, until the universe has no choice but to give it to you"

I learned to have positive energies and think positively thanks to my dad who did not do any training or think about strategies or anything, he just tells me that being positive has helped him a lot in his life since everything always goes well. When something goes wrong, he does not cry, he does not bother, he just breathes deep and thinks of a quick solution with optimism to be able to solve it ... in fact it is so positive that he buys a lottery number and says with this he won and collected tomorrow the money, and although you do not believe it, that happens VERY often, at least once a month ....  

I really recommend you to attract positive energies in your life, do not think about the bad things, always have a good vibes and you will see the change in your life for good, in fact you will like to be like this always and everything will come out as you wish .. 



Yes, through my experience in life, I've learned positivity is the foundation to success and happiness. 

Negative people have no place in my life. I simply tell them they exude negative energy, and why they should try not to, and I separate from them. I don't expect them to heed my advice. 

If you are positive, you will attract positivity more often. 


I always try to maintain positive thoughts, sometimes it gets pretty hard due to life situations but I'm a firm believer that peace of mind and happiness is a choice you make and not something that falls on your lap and maintaining a positive attitude is the first step towards it.


Few years ago i was kind of suffering from depression and later i realized that one of the factors that led to the depression was that i was too negative in my thoughts and actions and i realized the solution to the problem is to create a positive energy around myself and make sure i move with friends that are positive minded and optimistic..


No! I'm a black hole designed to suck up the positivity of everyone around me, spreading negativity, doom and gloom 😾


Well it is really hard to say but I do try my best to make the mood of anyone around me and I try to go to their level so that they can be comfortable around me and with people who I have no knowledge of I try to be closer to them and be the people  that they need.

By doing so it really helps to those think a little more comfortable around me.


Above all else, let me make it obvious, I don't endeavor to remain positive, I eithar am or not. I figured out how to make myself invulnerable from antagonistic individuals, well extremely simply avoid them however much as could reasonably be expected. What individuals frequently don't get is that they are their very own wellspring of possitive vitality. For instance, on the off chance that you don't have an occupation and no cash, you will be pushed, however you can decide not to be focused. It is extremely hard, yet managable.

Try not to misunderstand me, I had a considerable amount of awful and negative days. What is important is your state of mind towards the circumstance. That implies you can't endeavor to be certain, in light of the fact that that implies you are negative in the first place.

I am at composition, which implies I experience barbarous individuals consistently. Doesn't trouble me, I just figured out how to not let that impact my state of mind. I am my identity, and on the off chance that somebody is narrow minded or merciless, that is their concern. The greater part of all, I attempt to avoid such individuals.

I don't see the reason of being coldblooded or narrow minded if the other individual regards you. Nobody should destroy your day for reasons unknown. Furthermore, indeed, that does incloude your loved ones. Life is extremely just too short.