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Did you notice the new feature of Recommend questions to answer on musing? What are your views on this new feature?

Yes, I just noticed the Recommended Questions. Overall, I like the new feature, though I think it still needs a little more work. 

The Recommended Questions feature is a great way to highlight older, relevant threads in Musing.io. After all, even questions that have been asked and answered weeks or months before still has value. A lot of users have also been asking for a way to uncover more questions for some time, now. So, this shows that the developers behind Musing.io really listen to what their users need.

However, the feature itself might need some work. I'm looking at the list of questions being suggested and they look too random. I feel like there is no clear reason why these are the questions being recommended. Perhaps the criteria being used to choose them need to be defined more clearly or maybe the new features still need to "learn" which questions to recommend, like an AI on the early stages of machine learning. Either way, I feel like the new feature is still a work in progress. It still needs some improvement to be truly useful. 

Specifically, I'm wondering if these questions are recommended because they are top-rated questions. However, I doubt that because I checked the questions I'm viewing to my right and most of them didn't even get upvotes from the people who answered them. Are they recommended because no one has answered them, yet? That's not the case, either. Or are they supposed to be relevant to the question I'm answering right now? Well, most of them has nothing to do with a question on Musing.io's new features, so that's another no. 

So, at this point, I'd say the Recommended Questions are a good and much needed addition, but they need a little work to be truly useful. However, I'd rather have the Recommended Questions the way it is, than not have the feature, at all.


I think it is great that musing are adding to their site all the time. The little changes are all improvements to make the experience more pleasant.

I have struggled to find some decent questions to answer lately so having a recommended list will make it a little easier from now on. This way I am hoping the same things wont be asked over and over again. 


It's great, especially if it helps unanswered questions find an answer. Every improvement to musing just keeps making it better!


It is awesome. Recommended questions (and answers) was muissing so far.

The biggest problem was that until now Musing was merely a feed and no awesome threads were highlighted. The problem with that being that when you arrive on the site via an external link, you don’t know where to go next.

Shaping the flow of traffic is a very important thing for websmasters as most users don’t know where to go next and will generally follow the options given. If you look for example at a site like WebMD you will see that when you enter it via Google, and even when browsing the site, each article has plenty of related links in the sidebar. That’s because you came for a specific thing and the site tells you ‘Don’t leave yet! Here’s more of that topic’.

That is also very important for SEO btw.

Thus it wouldn’t be surprising if over time, and depending on how you found the question thread, the recommended links will be more related to the question you are currently reading or answering.


Hopefully this will make it easier to find decent questions to answer without having to go through dozens of the same, easy to answer via google, type questions that have been plaguing the site recently.

Musing continues to improve the platform all the time which is great as it will continue to attract high quality posters by doing this.