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What is better? Being a introvert or extrovert?

We can never say one is better than the other, it is entirely situational.

Extroverts are comfortable with social interactions. In fact, they are energized by those interactions. This enable them to build relationship with many more people compared to introverts. They are usually better at holding conversation with other people. Extroverts are great at jobs that requires a lot of face-to-face meeting and teamwork.

On the other hand, introverts are comfortable with solitude and gets energized when they alone. It doesn't mean they are worse at interacting with other people though, they just can't hold as much of it in one go. While they may have less relationship with other people they don't really mind as they can be alone for a relatively long time without becoming lonely. They dislike small talks and tend to attempt to make conversations short which can be seen as efficient. They prefer to listen more than talking more. Introverts excel at "behind the curtain" jobs that don't require a lot of human interaction.

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This inquiry raises a wide range of sub questions, for example, is there a standard meaning of satisfaction or bliss? How do appreciation and significance, both self chose mentalities (i.e, decisions ), factor in? Shouldn't something be said about social milieu and desires? Also, hereditary inclination? Are these pretty much imperative, in the sentiment of joy and fulfillment with life, than extroversion/introspection?

Dr. Robert Emmons at UCDavis found that picking appreciation is high in foreseeing satisfaction. He composed a few books regarding the matter.

Numerous examinations (beyond any reasonable amount to list) have demonstrated that having importance in your life is high in foreseeing satisfaction, and even in having a more drawn out life.

Similarly as dejection tends to keep running in families does as well, positive thinking and confidence. They've even discovered the quality! Quality Linked to Optimism and Self-Esteem

A few nations reliably report more prominent satisfaction than others. Quite, the Scandinavians, who likewise esteem inner-directedness more exceedingly than numerous different nations.

Mingling has been appeared to help the joy of everyone, self observer and outgoing person alike. Once more, numerous examinations have been finished. Yet, as Susan Cain says, it must be the perfect measure of associating for the person. At the point when Does Socializing Make You Happier?

The issue with noting your apparently straight forward inquiry is that the examinations I'm mindful of that look at the joy levels of contemplative people and outgoing individuals have been ineffectively outlined. They rate individuals' joy levels on elements that don't have any significant bearing to everybody. For instance, they'll ask how regularly the individual goes out to mingle. In the event that you do it more, as indicated by the analyst, you're cheerful. In any case, thoughtful people are made more joyful by mingling less.

Contemplative people additionally tend to give distinctive sorts of answers to questions. Suppose we have an outgoing individual and a contemplative person who are making the most of their lives similarly. At the point when asked how they're doing the outgoing individual is probably going to answer something like, "Fantastic! My sister came to visit and we had an extremely decent time. One week from now I'm running outdoors with some school companions!" And the self observer may reply, "Amazing! I at long last completed that book on the Russian Revolution and it was entrancing. You should read it. I extremely took in a considerable measure." Again, both similarly upbeat. However, on the off chance that you heard those two answers how might you rate them?

To at last answer your inquiry to the best of my capacity I will give you my supposition. Who makes the most of their life the most? Fill in any arbitrary answer. Truly. The Council of Trent. 42. What truly matters is the manner by which cheerful the individual is.


Scene 1 - An Extrovert on his way back to home from school. The Lady from his neighborhood  confronts him.

He : Hi Aunt, How are you? What's going on?

Aunt :  (Very excited and happy!) Ohh John, I'm fine. Was doing some house chores. Are you returning back from your school?

He : Yes Aunt, I'm returning back from school..... 

(And the conversation goes on like this kind of blah blah blah stuffs for next 5 minutes.)

Scene 2- An Introvert on his way back to home from school. The lady from his neighborhood confronts him.

He : ( Looks at that lady. Understands that she is doing some house chores.  Turns his heads straight and moves on! Speaks nothing!)

Aunt : ( Watches him moving ahead without giving a shit to her. Murmurs herself thinking what an arrogant boy he is! minds her own business!)

Let's come to the point now.

In the first scenario, the boy was quite comfortable interacting with others. He enjoyed the process of conversation. He is an extrovert.

In the second scenario, the boy questioned the very rationality behind the probing " How are you?" and " Are you doing this and this now?", whose answers he was quite very sure about even without asking. He is an Introvert.

Belonging to either of these conditions is neither bad nor good.  It's your own decision to select to be what makes you more comfortable. However, I would emphasize it that Introverts try to rationalize everything they come across. They are good listeners and observers; the quality a large majority of extroverts don't possess!

Though seems little bias, I would plead that Introverts are far better. Because I consider myself to be leaning more towards that side of the coin!


Being introverted myself, there's the tendency towards bias. However, I think there's nothing wrong with being who you are. There are positives and negatives to being either of them.

Being introverted means you think more than you talk. You like to calculate your words an the effect it would have before you speak. You like being by yourself and so cause others less trouble.

Extroverts on the other hand are lovely and fun to be with. They know how to articulate their words and get their feelings across.

Extroverts ensures that the place is always lively and everyone is entertained.

Another good thing about extrovert is that their growth is fast because they know how tough network, gathering friends and acquaintances.

Both have their merits. It's up to you to see them or not.


I'm an introvert, so naturally I appreciate and respect other introverted people.

I don't think there is a measure of which is better though. 

We all have a purpose here, and some things are better geared for extroverts. The same can be said for introverts. 


See both of them have a place in life and you may like being an extrovert and introvert both from time to time and depending upon the circumstances.

  • If you are staying alone and doing the practice to preserve your energy into a some big goals of life which is somewhat inclined to spiritual journey of life and if you are trying to live being soul consciousness then being introvert can preserve tremendous amount of energy which can be quite useful in your spiritual journey just like a sage or monk does and even in social sphere you might have achieved a stage where you might have felt like an essential break is needed to find some time alone and at that time being introvert is quite beneficial.
  • If you love socializing and if you love the engagement with other friends, family members, relationships, colleagues etc then being extrovert can get you to a comfortable position and you could be able to freely mingle with one another in your social sphere of life and being extrovert in social life eradicates the preset mind of the person next to you and it enhances the easiness of being social to each other.

Both have their own importance in life and from time to time life swings from one domain to another and it all depends upon the prevailing situation of your life.


Well in my point of view it depends on the situation.

Some situation really demands Introverts while some demands for Extrovert

But what I have seen is people who are Extrovert can cope up with any kind of situation and in case of that they can achieve many positive things and negative things as well. Literally they can be the charm of the town. 

While introvert people are genius in their own way. They can create a whole lot of things around them and be the kind/queen of their own world. Many famous person were introvert by their nature  but has accomplished many things in their life.

Basically it depends on how do you use your behavior towards others and make yourself a better person.


I cannot state that one is better than the other because they both have their advantages and disadvantages in life and anyone should live the kind of life that they are comfortable with and what really makes them happy,i am personally an extrovert and i am happy with my life but i also know many introverts that are also happy with their lives too..