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What place is best, Thailand or Dubai in Asia?
I'll appreciate if anybody can tell me the travel information as well.
Both countries are beautiful but I prefer Thailand more. Definitely Thailand is more cultural and naturally more beautiful than Dubai. Here you can see the magnificent Asian culture more than Dubai. Thailand is often referred to as a golden land. Thai food culture is also very rich and world famous. There are a lot of thing to see and do, too. I was amazed to see Thai temples and floating markets. I just found Thailand a more interesting and artistic city. I had an amazing travel experience in Thailand which I will never forget.

1. There are seven emirates that make up the United Arab Emirates, namely Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Sharjah, Ajman, Umm AlQuain, Ras Al Khaimah, and Fujeriah. So the name of the country is United Arab Emirates.

2. As part of a city in Abu Dabi, Dubai is the only emirate that has veto power over the national problems of the United Arab Emirates.

3. Local residents are called Emiratis, only about 15% of the total population. The majority of Dubai residents are Indian, Bangladeshi, Pakistani and European migrants who are looking for work.

4. The United Arab Emirates is a country with amazing and extraordinary architecture. For nearly 50-60 years, the United Arab Emirates government has built one of the Arab world into a more modern country, with great infrastructure, health services, and others. The beauty of several buildings has broken world records.

5. Sales of oil are only 6% of Dubai's economy. Dubai's main economy is to rely on real estate and tourism.

6. The term Dubai may be derived from the term Daba, which means moving slowly, which shows the process of the Dubai River that flows slowly in the interior. There is another version according to poet Ahmad Mohammad Obaid, who says that the term Dubai comes from the term Daba, which shows a herd of locusts.

7. Al Maktoum dynasty ruled Dubai since 1833. Dubai did not follow the judicial system of the United Arab Emirates.

8. Dubai is ranked third as a city with many skyscrapers (there are 148 skyscrapers in Dubai).

9. In 1968 there were only 13 cars in Dubai. Now the traffic in Dubai is very dense, so it must be made a multilevel road to overcome congestion.

10. Dubai police are equipped with luxury and super fast vehicles, such as Lamborghini, Ferary and Bentley.

11. Dubai police have bagpipe music groups. Although the music originated in Scotland, they only liked and adapted it.
Dubai isnt in Asia. What travel information do you want?

Dubai is in the Middle East. And then Thailand is Southeast Asia.