How do I get an actual bitcoin wallet and then how can I buy bitcoin with cash and then how can I buy some steems ?
From getting a bitcoin wallet to buy some bitcoins with cash to buying some steems


You can buy bitcoins from many websites or you can buy them from random bitcoin treders or sellers. But you have to buy it at your own risk even you can traped by so scmmers also because everone is not trasted in online so be carefull when you are buying or selling bitcoins or any coins.

Bitcoin has its own wallet youn can store your bitcoin to its official wallet or you can use many famous wallets like coinbas/Blockchain etc. You can also trade bitcoins in bittrex and binance etc. You can search on google to get some information about these websites!

You can also buy bitcoins using your coin.ph or coinbase account. You can buy bitcoins on coinbase by paying from your bank or credit card i dont know your country so um not sure about it.

And you can exchane your bitcoins to steem/sbd also using some exchangeable sites like bittrex, Blocktrades etc. Usually steem users use bittrex and blocktrades to exchange steem/sbd to any coin or any coin to sbd/steem.

But i have to say you one thing that bitcoin has a high transaction fee so you shouldn't buy it with you real cash for trading or exchanging them!

Thank you for your valueable question!


There are various Wallets that you can use to store your Bitcoin or other Crypto currency. 

I do use EXODUS as it is a lite wallet and you have control over your cryptocurrency. You will have possession over your Coins. Safe and sound. While with it you can not buy crypto currency.

There are few sites that allows users to buy Cryptocurreny via fiat. 

Coinbase is one of the most popular wallet to buy Crypto while currently it does not support all the counties but this ones

image source: https://support.coinbase.com/customer/en/portal/articles/1392031-what-countries-are-buys-and-sells-available-in-

While if anyone is not in those countries above than try https://localbitcoins.com/ . While there are multiple ways of making the transactions. Via bank/f2f and many more but as yes have precautions before getting into making a deal in here.

These are the two sites that can be used in order to buy Crypto with cash.

While after you get BTC than you can use Blocktrades.us Just sign up there and you can convert your any crypto (that blocktardes supports) into Steem or Steem Dollars. As easy as that.


Bitcoin has its own wallet but you can also store and trade Bitcoins using exchange wallets like Binance and Bittrex.

In the Philippines, you can buy Bitcoin through 7/11 stores if you have a coins.ph account. Not sure if it is also possible in other countries using that site or there is a site that can be used like coins.ph worldwide.

You can buy some Steems using your Steemit account by using your SBD or Steem dollars balance. You can also use the exchange sites lile Bittrex and Binane to Buy or trade Steem using your Bitcoin balance there.


If you want the easiest way, I recommend using Coinbase.  I usually use Coinbase to purchase Litecoin, you can purchase Bitcoin too.  Then I send the Litecoin to GDAX or whatever it is called now.  The fees are much less if you transfer out of GDAX and the transfer from Coinbase to GDAX is free since they are basically the same company.

From there I use Blocktrades to send the LTC to STEEM.  It is a really simple process.  It was kind of scary the first time, but one you get the hang of it, it is pretty painless.

If you want, start by moving a small amount at a time instead of your whole stash just to get the hang of it.

The other advice I have is learn the terms that Coinbase and GDAX use.

You might be looking for things like transfer or send/receive.  The fact is though they use the terms deposit and withdraw.  So if you are sending to Blocktrades you will want to withdraw.  If you are moving from Coinbase to GDAX, you want to use the deposit area in GDAX.

I hope that helps!

Good luck getting your STEEM!


Bitcoin has high transaction fees so you probably don't want to buy bitcoin with cash only to turn around and trade the bitcoin for steem.

One thing you can do is get USDC through the Circle web app using cash and then transfer the USDC to an exchange such as Poloniex so you can trade the USDC for Steem.


You can get a Bitcoin wallet via blockchainwallet.com

If you are using naira... you can purchase Bitcoin via kurecoinhub.com or download kurepay wallet and purchase Bitcoin directly from your bank account.



Your safest bet is to start at putting in fiat to coinbase then transfering it to an exchange like binance or bitttrex and converting it to steem or SBD there then trnsfering it to steemit. 


bank----> coinbase----> exchange------> steemit .


Their are many legit escrow groups were one can trade directly with one another with the help of the groups admi who serves as a third party to the business.


It's really really hard. Forget about it.