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Is There a Possibility That Musing Upvote Based on Prejudice And Self-opinionatedness?

I don't think so, the musing curators upvote posts in a completely non-biased way. Every post is read and evaluated based on whether or not it's relevant to the question and how much knowledge has been passed across and how much effort was put into answering the question.

I believe that having your opinion of whether something is right or wrong is a fundamental part of being human. It's people's opinions that basically run steemit, if I feel that your answer isn't right or isn't in line with the context of the question asked then I won't vote your post.

There's more  than  one  curator on musing and if they agree that an answer is correct then it most probably is. Their opinions matter and that's why they're curators, there's no prejudice whatsoever, if your answers are quality then they will get a quality upvote.