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Where do your morals come from?
If morality is determined by society, what if human sacrifice and cannibalism what thought to be good. Like many past societies has determined to be right.


Well, morals come from lots of places. Morals come from what your parents teach you, what society teaches, you what elders teach you and even what we watch on TV. After all, that's the advantage of letting children watch cartoons. They learn morals from them.

But for me, I'd say my morals come from three major places.

  • What I learned from my father
  • My conscience 
  • and last but not least, TV.

Growing up my dad used to discipline us a lot. He taught my siblings and I a valuable lesson-that we should always do the right thing- no matter how small or big. So when we went strayed from  that path, he would correct us. It was a hard lesson to learn as a kid, after all a child's instincts don't really give room for right or wrong, they just want fun. But as I got older I began to realize just how important those lessons were. 

The next source would be my conscience. I fancy myself a pretty straightforward guy. Unlike most people, who's judgement gets cloudy as they get emotional, I find that I'm able to stay levelheaded in most situations. I have a saying

 "speak the truth as it is, not as you want it to be"

It means that no matter what happens, do the right thing and not the thing that will favor you. It's something I came up with many years ago and I've tried to live my life by it. 

Finally my last source of morals has to be Tv. Unlike most of the cartoons kids watch nowadays, I grew up watching stuff like Flinstones, Jetsons, Tom and Jerry, Mickey Mouse and some others. Those were cartoons that taught a kid how to behave. I learned so much about being a moral person and doing the right thing from those cartoons. And I wouldn't trade those lessons for the world


Well for me my morals come mostly from my parents, but also from my own personal experiences. Yes society is basically what determines morality and as such my morals are reflective of typical Nigerian morals, the thing is that as I grew up and I got older I started to question some of these things and at the end of the day, I added some more morals and I removed a few.

Morality has a lot to do with religion, and in my experience, alot of people's morality is usually a function of what your religion says is right and wrong. You may disagree with it and do something else, but for the most part, our morals are simply reflections of the morals we imbibe from our parents and experiences.

I'm a very principled person and I got that from my dad, I'm extremely respectful and I don't believe in looking down on others. The first two I got from my father and the last one is something that I developed after some certain experiences. The thing with morals is that regardless of where they come from, they're the fabric that keeps the Nigerian society together.

I hope this helps.


My morals come from my set of ethics and my common sense. I owe a lot of it to my parents. Neither they nor I follow any religion. It is probably hard to believe for a lot of people with religious beliefs that people who follow no religion have ethics and morals at all. I heard such opinions quite often. But it is as it is. Nonbelievers have ethics and morals too.


My morals I will say comes from my parents and my elderly friends. I am always very thankful to my parents for helping me to have the distinction between right and wrong.

I do not think there is anyway cannibalism or human sacrifice would be thought to be good because the Bible does not support that.

We live in a civilized generation where those things are not accepted. The societies who thought it to be good were living in ignorance.

This is one of the reasons why we are educated because if cannibalism or human sacrifice was meant to be a good thing then we would have come into the world to see it written in the Bible.


My morals come from my sub-conscious mind and that was because morality was instiled in me right from when i was still a child and i grew up seeing that as the right way to live and create a better society...morality is subjective though because we all have different ways we have been wired towards morality but as for me morality is part of my consciousness and that is where my morals come from...