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What must I do to be saved?
What must you do to go to heaven? Normally this question gets many different answers. It should be a reminder to Christians and all other readers that even Christianity has many sects and groups. Paul told us "to work out your salvation". So what do you believe. I will try to not read the answers as I know ill be utterly disappointed in my fellow "believers"

First, you must believe that Jesus Christ is Lord.

That He came to die for your sins.

John 3: 16 which is a very popular scripture says, "For God so love the world that He gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believes in Him, should not perish but have everlasting life.

That is the secret to going to heaven.

The Bible says, " Believe in the Lord God, so shall you be saved."

If you want to be saved, believe in God. Believe in His Son Jesus and accept the love and person of Jesus Christ. Accept Jesus into your life and make Him your saviour.

That way, you will ever saved and you are sure to make heaven if you stay in His love.

Cheers, JI.

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In the beginning, God  created  man in His own image and likeness. However, man fell to the tricky serpent and disobeyed God which led to man's separation from God.  Take a look at the image below:

Image source - https://www.liftupjesus.com/know-grow/can-saved/

The sinfulness of man alienated man from the nature of God and man was doomed for destruction. However, God in His fullness of love and fullness of Mercy as expressed in John 3: 16 was   still mindful of man. God gave Jesus Christ as a token of ransom for man's guilt. Jesus coming  in the likeness  of man, was tortured and He died the death of the cross just to take on himself the guilt and iniquity of man (Isaiah 53: 4-5).

Having died this way and having being resurrected  by God, He took our sins away and nailed them to the cross and became a bridge for as many that are willing to be reconciled to God.

What then Must we do to be saved?

All that man needs to do to receive salvation is Believe and Confess.  Let's look at the scriptures:

Romans 10: 9  - 10:

"That  if thou shalt confess with thy mouth the Lord Jesus, and shalt believe  in thine heart that God hath raised him from the dead, thou shalt be  saved."

"For with the heart man believeth unto righteousness; and with the mouth confession is made unto salvation."

The believing is the actual transaction of salvation and is meant to be a continuous believing. In  John 3: 18, Jesus Christ had this to say:

 "Whoever believes in Him is not condemned, but whoever does not believe  has already been condemned, because he has not believed in the name of  God’s one and only Son." - Berean Study Bible

Our justification comes form our believing. This believing (faith in God) is what would deliver us from the guilt of our past lives and give us peace (Romans 5: 1).

The confession made after the believe as in Romans 10: 9-10 is a testimonial of our believe and an obedience response.

Even Now!

It doesn't matter how bleak the past has been, salvation can be obtain if we Believe and confess. Note that Religion does not save any man. You may be affiliated to one religious group or the other, you may even be  serving in a church as a worker, untill you come to this juncture  of believing and confession, salvation is not received.

God bless you!

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 One version is, believe in Jesus and that he came here and die for your "sins" and live by the ten commandments!

Another version is, believe nothing and search for evidence and the facts to find the truth, to enlighten your spirit from the material world, to escape the laws of karma or else you will reincarnated and will be born again in a new life, until you escaped from the physical world back to the source or the light. 

What can be done by following the teachings of Jesus from the Gnostic, or any other spiritual universal teachings like Kaballah, Buddhism, Hinduism, Judaism or even by Greek philosophy! 

That saying, one can only save himself if they use their brains to find the truth of life, and that truth will guide the seeker back to the source of life! There for Jesus of the Gnostic says, Im the truth and the light, follow me and il bring you back to the source. Because that was the reason Jesus came here, to give us wisdom and teachings to aloud us to save ourselves.

That people can reach heaven if they only believe, was a easy way to manipulate the masses and is a Roman product, to manipulate his citizen to gain control by the church.

There is hell on earth because people believe that they will reach heaven after they die, but heaven is nothing more than a interpretation what we can't understand yet. While it basically means that heaven is a better version of our reality, its a concept what nobody really can explain, or express in words.

While the truth is, if people change them self to be the difference they want to see in this world, then this world can also change into a heaven. But the Romans did a good job and there for the masses prefer to believe in Jesus, and hope to reach heaven after they die, then to learn his teachings and be like Jesus. 

Because that is what the Gnostic Christians believe, you can only be a Christian if you live by the teachings of a Christian, and that is not believing in a person, and more in finding the truth of our reality, what will bring the seeker back to the source of life. 

Those are the differences between the Roman Catholic concept of reaching heaven, and from the Gnostic Jesus, which almost did not survive history, after the Roman Catholic Church made the Gnostic books forbidden, until they were found in 1945 in Nag hammadi in Egypt, after they were hidden and untouched for 1700 years!


To be saved, what one must do is to believe in our Lord Jesus Christ. He is the Supreme Saviour and he alone has the key to Salvation.

Jesus Christ is the true Son of God who came to earth to die for our sins. He died so that we can be saved. To be saved, we must perform a task which is accepting him as our personal Lord and saviour which means we will be truly cleansed of our sins. By doing that, we believe that Jesus Christ is Lord and that he can save us. We do not only believe in him but also trust his word.

Another task we as Christians should perform is by preaching the gospel to unbelievers, this is called SOUL WINNING. The number of souls you win for God determines your place in God's heart.

Every believers goal should be making Heaven as Heaven is the place where we will all find eternal life.


It's simple.

Make sure you are baptised; because if you are not, there is no point trying to know Jesus as your lord and salvation

I know a friend who is truly a born again now, yet she is not baptized.

After that, repent from your sinful ways; every sinner knows that he or she is sinning or what constitute sins.

I know that Christ came and died for us all; therefore old things have become new..still obey the 10 commandment. It's still important in our Christian lives.

Believe in Jesus Christ as your saviour.

You'll be saved.


Saved from what?


Press “Control + S.” 😈

In all seriousness... VIBRATIONAL REALIGNMENT.

Forget the fairy tell.

Heaven and hell are STATES. Experienced here and NOW.

There are many pieces to the puzzle.

The most BASIC guidelines: adherence to NATURAL LAW is the preferable path IF desiring to experience the “heaven” state. “Hell” is more a consequence of mistaken thinking and misguided action.


What is wrong with you? Just live your life ;)


the way that you survive and enter heaven is, first you must have faith in the true God.

second you must do good.

third, you must repent of the sins you have committed.

The true God is almost a relative thing, even though in this world only has 1 true God.

this is caused by a sense of fanaticism towards the ancestors who brought religion to us.

to get the true God, we must eliminate fanaticism and then use your common sense, determine one God who you think is indeed a real God.

if you believe in the true God, I guarantee you heaven.