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What are your greatest fear(s) in life?
Let's hear your view

That people believe too much in me and I'll one day disappoint them. Let me explain a bit.

Contrary to what most people experience in life where people doubt them and make them feel inadequate I have never been doubted in my life - at least to my face.

Right from the time when I was conscious of my left and right, I have always have people who tell me, ' *Ah James, I trust you there's nothing in that one that you can't conquer*. In time it became clear that most people have high hopes in me and believe so much in my strength. And that turns to fear. Will I ever measure up to the standard that they have set for me? Will I ever fill this shoe?

In the years pass, I've grown to live without fear of the standard set by others for me. I've taken full responsibility of my life, actions and consequences. But even at that, sometimes I just lie down on my bed, look up at the ceilings and wonder, will I someday disappoint all these people who are leaning on my strength to carry on? Will I be adequate?


My greatest fear is loosing a family member, friend or loved one to the cold hands of death. It scares the shit outta me that some day this person might go out and not come in. So I always pray for their life cause it means a lot to me to see them alife


My greatest fear is seeing my love ones getting in trouble, or maybe seeing them having a serious illness.