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What is responsible for bad governance ?


Bad governance is often associated with a corrupt electoral system and it is often associated with african countries and african leaders . When you look at the democratical setting and the electoral setting in african countries you will found out that there are things like electoral malpractices, rigging of elections and a whole lot of electoral vices because it's easier to influence elections in african countries with things like money and affluence that is why there are so many bad leaders in in politics in different countries which actually warrants bad governance the truth is that these people do not actually qualify to be leaders they only bought the offices with their money and corruption so that is why they do not treat the offices which they occupy with respect and they often involve with things like embezzlement of public funds , influencing the judiciary and so many others scandals.


Another reason for bad governance from rulers in public offices is because there is no retribution and punishment for their bad leadership . when you actually check countries like the united states a person as high as the office of the president can actually go to jail when they commit crimes or do things that are against the constitution but in countries where the leaders are above the constitution there is always a tendency of bad governance because there is no fear of punishment . when leaders are above the constitution they become indispensable committing crimes and going free without being punished so when there is no punishment for crimes and leaders are actually above the constitutional laws and rules and regulation or even above the principle of rule of law then there is bound to be bad governance because there is no consequences for bad governance.


If you look at countries mostly where there are bad governance there is often an ignorance of what is actually right and wrong which makes it easy for this leaders to actually manipulate and lie to people because there are not enough educated people to actually challenge the excesses of these rulers who actually govern the people badly. So if he does do not actually get challenge and the system of the kind of government which they operate being questioned they will feel very comfortable. So education is really essential to tackle bad governance so many people do not know the difference between bad and good governance because they do not have education this doesn't actually happen in developed countries it happens in under developed and developing countries. So I believe if the electorate is educated then they can decipher between bad and good governance and actually challenge such governance


One word "Sociopathy".....

The truth of the matter is that we basically cannot really have civilization without the government, but that also do not really mean that government cannot be misused by some certain people...

it is known that the most consistent form of government abuse ever recorded or known in the human history is the usual individualistic desire by those sociopathic individuals who want to really profit from actually governing people so terribly....

they ensure they Slip into power, then they now use it to begin to harm the masses/citises for their own personal gain. This same affliction commonly happens to any successful big organization,Churches,unions, Corporations., etc...Once they actually have the real resources and also the power, they will really begin to attract some bad guys who just want it for themselves and they will actually do anything and really hurt anyone to be able to get what they want and then feed off them.


@Haryourdhejih, At first we have to blame ourselves because we gave powers to the politicians by electing them, and in my opinion when corrupted individual come into power then we cannot imagine the level of corruption and for sure the promises which were made will going to become memories for people. Stay blessed. 🙂


Lots of things are responsible, corruption and nepotism rank highest among them. If a leader is elected based on how much he can pay to get elected, he will not be able to resist stealing from common wealth of the people.

In same way, a leader that is elected because of his tribe, will most likely, treat his supporters specially.


The voters are responsible if a country is mismanaged due to bad governance by the people voted for a position.

Let us take for example the Philippines. If you are famous or  have money, then you will surely earn an electoral spot.  The voters are only looking at the amount of money you are giving, not on the question if you can manage the country.