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How will you know that you have fallen in love with a girl?

Love is a strong feeling that until it is felt, difficult to understand. I remember the first time I had fallen in love, I didn't know it was love until after some months. I am a very analytical person so I had to sit down and do a mental search/calculation of the whole scenario and I concluded that I was in love. These few tips and more helped me realize that I was in love:

  • Thought: You keep thinking about him/her. You just can't get your thoughts off him. You play in your head your last meeting with the person. I did that a lot the first time I fell in love. I could never stop thinking about him, and each time I did, I smiled. It was beautiful, divine and lovely.
  • Keeping In Touch: You would always want to keep in touch with someone you love. No matter how far or close that person is, you would always want to hear or see the person no matter what. My first love lived far away and whenever I thought so much about him, I'd immediately pick up my phone to give him a call, or perhaps send a text message across.
  • You Miss Them: Even if they just left your place, you miss them already. You almost can't do a day without him/her. You miss them a lot and want to be around them every minute of the day.
  • You Do The Extraordinary: I remember my boyfriend then, drawing a picture of me when he's not an artist. I don't need to tell you how the picture came out. It was awful. Lol. Love makes you do the extraordinary. Things you wouldn't normally do if you weren't in love. And you know what? It is actually the heart that matters. I appreciated the drawing my BF made of me even if I would stone you if you were to have given it to me, not because it was beautiful, but because it's the heart that actually matters, the thought behind it, the motive.
  • You Catch Yourself Smiling For No Reason: Love makes you happy. You just realize that you are smiling for no just cause. Many times at work, my BF would be smiling to himself, lost in thoughts of me and caught.
  • You Forgive Easily: Love overlooks a lot. Several times, my BF would do things that should naturally get me vexed, but because of the love, I'd overlook. Likewise me too, I know how stubborn headed I am, but he overlooks all my excesses.

Do you experience any of these, then there is a slight chance that you are in love. 



I've never fallen in love with a girl before but when I have fallen in love with a man, it has felt like I was walking on air at first. After a little while, it has felt like I could trust them and I wanted to build a life with them. I think about them often and I like feeling like a team. That's what love feels like to me. 


I think different people surely will have different answer to this question, I mean we all have different "Symptoms/Clues" that we are indeed inlove.

  • Some of us experience these "Magical Moments" when the person they loved is around them. What I mean magical moment is like those in movies where the world would suddenly slow down, where the moon looks very gigantic, where a second feels like very long. I didn't experienced these moments. YET. Well maybe I wasn't been able to experienced these moments yet, no one could know. Who know maybe tomorrow I will be experiencing these "Movie-like Scenes"
  • Others feel that their heart was beating so fast everytime the person they love is around. They feel nervous that they can't stop shaking and sweating.
  • Some says that their life was full of colors and they have positive aura all day

As I was saying we all have different symptoms when we are inlove, in my case I really don't realize that I love the person right away. It always take some time before it strike me that "Whoooaaa, I didn't realize it but I love hits me."

So here are some of those symptoms and clues that makes me realize that "I'm inlove with her"

  1. I will notice that she was the only person that I can see. This really was the first clue that I love a person, what do I mean the only person that I can see? Is the person around me or her became invisible? No. Is the person around us lost their presence? No. When I say the only person that I can see is that the certain person have my most attention. I will suddenly feel that everytime I turn around her face will the only face I can see. Everywhere I see her face will be seen by me, everywhere I turn my sight will lead me to her side. It was like my sight was been magnet to her, it was like when I look to my left or to my right she will end up there. When I look in front or my back her face surely will appear on my mind
  2. I feel comfortable with her. I was really an 80% introvert person. I do not normally start conversation even in my friends, they usually brings the topic in the gang and when I feel like I dropping some suggestions and stories I do. But if I am inlove with a lady, I probably would start a conversation with her.
  3. I feel to do every chores when she is around. I usually boast when the person I love was around, making all the possible chores I could make, finishing all the chores the fastest that I can. I suddenly gave initiative to every chores so that the person that I love notice me.
  4. I am excited to see her. This was missing her for a day of not seeing her, I feel like I always want to see her and became really excited when I know she is coming or when I was meeting her. 
  5. Taking every chance to see her. This was really the continuation of being excited to see her, taking every chance to see her even in a short moment. A couple of minutes seeing her makes me really happy and inspired to all the things that I do.
  6. I smile everytime I see her name. Even seeing her name makes me smile, makes me think of her and makes me happy. 
  7. I notice little things that reminds of her. I tend to attach everything to her, even candy wrappers, bottled waters and little things was being attached to her. Let's say that the person that I love loves to eat candy, every candy wrapper that I can see along the way would reminds me of her. Let's say she always drink a certain kind of bottled water, every bottled water would remind me of her (even different brand, I would think of it as the competitor of the bottled water she was drinking). Everything would be attached to her.
  8. I would tend to look for her pictures. Looking for her pictures would be my hobby.
  9. I wake up thinking about her. She will be the very first person that will come to my mind everytime I wake up from my sleep.
  10. I will sit alone in a chair and think of her. I definitely love her when I think of her everytime I was alone.

If you recognize yourself in one of there following  symptoms, doubt is no longer allowed.


· You take an inexpressible pleasure in mentioning her name at all, talking about her to all your acquaintances whatever the theme or mood of the moment, you need to make her exist so around you.

· Your heart beats when you know you're going to see her, when you're with her, when you're waiting for a phone call, and every time you check your e-mail. To be honest, you are convinced that a heart attack in the coming days can not be ruled out.

· All the love songs and the poems of the world speak to you now with a clear clarity and obviousness, and you do not conceive that one day they could be described as syrupy or exaggerated.

· You find yourself taking more care of yourself: clothes, food, hairdressing, etc., you now treat your person with special respect and attention.

· You only want to see her. Even if you continue to see your friends and loved ones, those hours spent with them seem more bland.

· Life suddenly seems to have acquired new colors, everything seems sublime and you feel able to face the whole earth.

· You feel connected with the whole earth, and so intensely alive, so constantly on the brink of excitement the most exhilarating, that you would almost sing of joy.


Being in love is not just thinking that that person should be with you or that you want to see her all the time.

To be in love is to think of the other person first than you, first of all she is, then you are.

You think about how to make her happy, how she would look beautiful with a dress you saw in a store or on the internet.

You think of places that you would like to be with, what I would say about it, the opinion you would have about something you like, imagine what a conversation with her would be like.

But more importantly, you want to be with her when you are surrounded by people, when you are at a party or a meeting, you just think "I hope she was here" at that moment, you know that you are in love.


if you have fallen in love with someone then some perfect indications would be like :

• You'll miss her a lot and all the time she will appear in you mind

• you will feel happy to be or nearby of her

• you will care a lot more about her and you will took her more often when she is nearby

• you will feel like she is everything for u and you would love to spend more time with her

• you will take care of her feelings and try to keep her happy and smiling

All above are the indications that your have fallen in love or you are in love with someone .