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Can steem price increase to $5 before the year ends?

No one can tell for sure if steem price will increase before the end of the year. What we know now is that the price of steem is below a dollar and that's the reality. We shouldn't speculate or expect too much because it may result to disappointment in the end.

Steem price may rise before the end of the year and it may not. We shouldn't be looking at the immediate price rise in steem but the price of steem in the nearest future. Steem has great potential for great and its long term price increase is a great possibility if we all keep advertising the platform and investing in it


Anything is possible in the crypto world. It definitely could reach 5 dollars, but I wouldn't personally be excited if it did this, because it would be indicative of a likely decrease in value soon thereafter.

I would like to see a steady bottom for Steem. Many believed the bottom would be around 1.00, but it's below that mark currently. 

I would personally be very happy to see Steem around 1.20 by the end of the year. 


Obviously no one can know for sure, but I think it is rather unlikely at this point. It will require a big bull rush, but even with this it would be pretty difficult to hit $5 within the few months that are left of 2018. 

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Crypto currencies are highly unpredictable/ volatile.

These are mainly based on the speculations and trend change very sharp.

Therefore, it hard to predict the price for future.

Decentralized technology is still new to the world. Its market penetration and adoption is still negligible.

With the passage of time as more and more people are aware of this technology, it is becoming more and more popular.

Now even many countries has started accepting this as currency and many other are in the process of adopting.

So in future a more countries will jump into it and it will gain more trust of people. Its value will also increase.

I think, Steem will be around 5$ by the year end.


Yes and no.

 Who knows where and what the price will be by the year end. The price has been down now for over 8 months so it should be going up soon. Normally December is a good time for Crypto's so i think this year will be no different.

It could be at $10 but then we don't know. I think it will be more than where we are now as it can't hover here forever. It could be being manipulated by the big investors waiting for an announcement to spur the market on.

Steem follows Bitcoin and it wouldn't take too much to keep it quiet for now so anything is possible as we don't know what is going on behind the scenes.


yes it should. it may not stay above $5 for long but it should touch $5 atleast once in next 12 months.