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How can I convert my SBD to STEEM?
The best way to convert SBD to Steem is by trading it in the Steemit internal market. To sell your SBD for Steem in the market visit https://steemit.com/market You will then see a exchange like interface where you can buy or sell SBD and Steem. The internal market has two sides, Buy Steem and Sell Steem. In your case, you will sell SBD for Steem, so you will buy Steem. From the Buy Steem side, set the amount of SBD you want to sell in the total field. Then set the price (make sure to check the Steem price on coinmarketcap so that you are sure you are setting a fair price) at which you want to sell or leave the default price (default price is the best/last market price). Now press Buy Steem and your order will be placed in the market. This is one of the easiest way to exchange SBD and Steem. There are other ways to convert SBD to Steem such as selling it in an exchange like bittrex (https://bittrex.com/) or using an instant exchange like blocktrades. Personally, I don't like bittrex because of their KYC requirements (bittrex keeps nagging people for passport, driving license etc). Blocktrades has high fees so I think using the internal market is the best option.
There are lots of ways to convert your sbd to steem but the easiest and the most reliable is through blocktrade. Login to blocktrade, first select sbd and below you select steem as you want to convert to steem.then input the numbers of sbd you want to convert, then convert. The beauty of blocktrade is that you dont need to transfer anything, is a kind of automatic. Although Charges apply.
You can convert using Steems internal market, exchanges like blocktrades or individual trading. But blocktrades offers less than the internal market.

Converting SBD to Steem is basically like buying steem for sbd. You can use any of the methods mentioned above but I would tell you to use internal market.. Its the one with least hassle for conversion of low amounts. And I'm going to give you a step by step tutorial on how you can do that..

First what you have to do is, go to your steem wallet. Scroll down to "steem dollars". Click/Tap on where it shows your SBD amount. A drop down menu will appear. Among the options you will see one labeled "Market". it will take you to steems internal Steem/SBD exchange. On the left side you will see a column labeled "Buy Steem" and on the right "Sell Steem".

Under "Buy steem" You will see three empty slots labeled as "Price", "amount" and "total"

Price is the amount of SBD you are willing to pay for every steem.

Amount is the amount of "Steem" you want to buy.

Total is the added amount of "SBD" you have to pay for the amount of steem.you want to buy.

Now fill out the form and click on buy steem. fill your credentials, click okay and you are done..

*The tables in the bottom shows the orders everyone listed. The "Price" slot will be automatically filled with the available current lowest ask. You will just have to input the amount you want. Or you can go for a lower price and your Buy order will be listed under SBD sell order.
I prefer using Blocktrade to convert my SBD into STEEM. The reason being it is quick and user-friendly. The fact that I was able to convert my SBD to STEEM using the blocktrade.us when I had no Idea how the STEEM works are the proof that it is very easy.

You don't have to sign up, Just go to blocktrade,us
1. Just select the currency that you want to be converted.
2. Select the currency that you want it to be converted into on the other side. (This will give you the exchange rate)
3. Enter the amount/units.
4. Enter the address where you want the converted currency to be deposited.
5. Click on Get deposit address.
6. Go to wallet transfer the SBD to the address given by the blocktrade along with memo generated.
7. Once the transaction is completed the STEEM will get deposited to your account.

PS - I am not promoting the site on anything, Its just this is the only way I know on how to convert SBD to STEEM. I am sure there are other ways too. :-)

There are several ways of doing that. One of the best ways is to make use of blocktrades. Sign up for blocktrades and ensure your details are verified.

Click on the right icon beside your Steemit profile picture when using steemit.com.

A new window will be opened where you will see the following




Currency Market

Stolen Account Recovery

And others.

Click on blocktrades and input your log in details.

Make your conversion.

Conversion of Steem/SBD

It's very simple.
Login to your Steemit wall.
Click on your wallet.
Click on the Cryptocurrency you want to convert into and choose "buy"

Example :
I have five steem and 20SBD and I want to get Steem Power with steem.
I'll just go-to my Steemit wallet and click on my steem, choose 'buy'option, which would therefore direct me to block trade website where I would select the number of SBD I wish to convert to steem.
After few minutes of reloading my Steemit wallet, my steem balance would have been credited with conversion amount.

I hope my answer is comprehensive enough

Best regards!
There are two ways,

Internal Market:
- 0% fees
- 3.5 days to finalize

- Has a fees
- Nearly Instant
There is two options foe you to convert your SBD to Steem. First one is in Blocktrades and second one is in Market. In Blocktrades your sbd will convert in few moments but they receive a big amount of fee which is a loss for new steemit users.
So, I request you to convert it to market. First go to your wallet> Click on your SBD> Click on Market> It's take in a market here you got two options one is buy sbd another is sell sbd. You click on how much sbd would you like to sell and add it on market. It may took 1 minute to 1 hour.
Its very easy to convert your SBD to STEEM just follow the given steps
1) Go to my wallet
2) click on Steem dollars
3)Click on market
4) exchnage will be open sell your sbd
5) it will be automaticaly converted into steem
6) that it you have done
To convert Steem/SBD is not that difficult

First, simply login to your Steemit wall. Then, click on your wallet and click on the Cryptocurrency you desire to convert into.

After doing this, simply and choose "buy"

Let's say you have 10 steem and 40SBD and you intend getting Steem Power with steem. All you need to do is to go to your Steemit wallet and click on your steem. Then, you choose the 'buy'option, and you will be directed to block trade website where you can indicate the number of SBD you wish to convert to steem.

Very simple!