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What do you do to rejuvenate yourself when you are stressed?

Stress is something that is commonly seen in every individual. I have even noticed kids having and expressing so much of stress. Some kids might look quite calm but when you have a tough discussion with them, they start shouting like anything forgetting their presence and place completely. All these things are the ways in which they let out their stress. 

Letting stress out is also seen in adults. People who go back home from office will show all their stress on either their parents or on their wife and children. I have seen so many people in my friends and family circle doing it. I have personally experienced lots of stress from my mother. When ever she is stressed out, we have to be very careful while talking to her. At times, stress is expressed in the form of anger. My mother used to throw items that gets in her hand. She will not even bother if it hurts others. It is all instantaneous and we cannot completely blame them. 

Rejuvenation by letting the stress out

If you are stressed out, do you think it is wise to let out the stress in the form of anger. I have seen most of the people who are stressed out, express it to others in the form of anger. After all anger is an outcome of stress. If your mind is really filled with lots of stress and it is having no further space to load few more things, it is expressed in the form of anger. If you comfortably have someone to take that anger from you, it becomes even more convenient. 

If you keenly observe, you will be able to find people getting a great relief after they express their stress on people in the form of anger. Some people shout out whatever comes in their mind when they are actually filled with anger and stress. But after they do it, they will find a great relief and they become approachable. But the problem is, the person who received the stress from the opposite person will not be able to bare that and they will try to reciprocate it. 

Using stress busters

There are lots of stress busters available to eliminate stress from mind. With the work people do every day, it is quite common to have lots of stress in mind. It can be easily released out with the help of some stress busters. There are some toys and tools available that can be used during work to get a relief from stress. People find workouts and running to be one of the best stress buster. My friend in office is a programmer. He used to say that whenever he is stressed out with lots of work, he will just go down and walk for more than 1 hour continuously around the campus to break down the stress.  Another colleague in office mentioned that he will be jogging every single day to get a relief from stress. Only then he will be able to sleep. 

Stress busters can differ from one person to another. There are few common things that someone can do to rejuvenate from stressful situations. 

  • Spending time with pets and children.
  • Solving simple puzzles. Go with only solvable puzzles. If complicated puzzle is taken for solving, it adds more stress to the mind. 
  • Physical activities can reduce stress levels. 
  • Spending time on stress busting toys and gadgets. 
  • Some people eat when they are stressed out. I would say doing anything of your interest can reduce the stress levels. 
  • Relaxing your mind with meditation can be of great help to get a relief from stress. 
  • Travelling can also reduce the stress. 
  • Some people find sleep to be a solution for stress. When people usually sleep and wake up the next day, they forget what happend the previous day and it can be of great relief to them. 
  • Sometimes even a cup of coffee or tea and a short discussion with friends can be really helpful in providing rejuvenation from stress. 

Usually stress occurs when you are looking for answer to something and you don't find an answer. Incomplete thoughts can stay in your mind as a long lasting stress. It can be removed from your mind only with the help of other complete thoughts. You have to convince your mind saying that all the thoughts are complete and there are no pending incomplete thought available for the mind to worry about. 

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I normally drink milk when I feel so stressed. One of the main reasons why I drink milk is because I get sleepy after I drink milk. the reason why we get sleepy after drinking milk is because of tryptophan. It’s an essential amino acid. Our body does not produce it.

Then I sleep, the moment I wake up it feels so great and it rejuvenate myself from the stress I had. Sleep is one of the solutions of being stressed. It calms your mind and relaxes your heart. It is totally effective for me.

  • Exercise 
  • Have sex
  • Smoke pot.

In no particular order. If I can do all 3 simultaneously, it's the ultimate stress relief. The first and second kind of go hand in hand anyways.


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