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Is it right to pressurize children to study? When they are not interested at all and getting low grades?

I'd like to start by saying that the answer to this question depends on the cause of the child's disinterest. Forcing people to do things is never the most advisable way to go of course, but sometimes kids needs some certain nudge in the right direction, and some parents might try to achieve this by altering and tweaking some parameters in the child's life that they have control over. This may force the child or children into having no other choice but to read. For example they may take away the chid's play things, limit the time he or she spends watching televisions and surfing the internet and so on.

This, again, is only if these distractions are the real cause of the children's disinterest. Although it can also work if the cause is something related to this, probably lethargy or indifference caused as an after effect of those aspects of the kids life. By taking away all these things the children might get to realize and come to the conclusion that books are not so boring after all.

But if the cause of the disinterest is genuine; that is, the kid doesn't really feel as though his or her dispositions goes in the line towards which the parents are trying to push her, no amount of tweaking and forcing will ever work.

At best you end up with a disgruntled and unhappy kid who struggles to pass his tests and please the parents, but ditches the subject of interest immediately the control from the parents is gone. At worst you have a very unhappy and depressed child who gets closer to a breaking point with every passing day where she's forced to do the things she doesn't want to. And trust me this breaking point is always ugly and heart breaking, sometimes even tragic. The kid might even be stultified for life, having spent his or her entire life being forced in a direction s/he doesn't want to go.

Not everyone likes to read. Not everyone's goal in life falls in the direction of reading. Yes readers might be leaders, but not every single leader in every single walk of life is a reader. Some has their life goal set towards athletic excellence. Most of their times are preferred to be spent in the gym. There they may be the most excellent most inspiring leaders to their mates, but if you as a parent spend all the child's life being adamant on him reading chemistry and biology textbooks, you may be on your way to securing a very unhappy and tragic life for both you and the kid.

Imagine if LeBron James had been forced to be a doctor. Or if Roger Federer had been forced to study mathematics. Lord knows how many terrific photographers and artists and plumbers have been forced into an unhappy life in a field they do not desire.

In conclusion,

Like I said the best thing to do is to make inquiries as to what the real cause of the child's disinterest in books are. If you find it to be something that can be overcome by some subtle changes in his or her lifestyle, then it is advisable to do that. But if having done these you've discovered that the child really isnt interested, then the thing to do is leave the child alone to discover what he or she is really interested in, and support her in it!

Have a nice day.


Every parent want their children to succeed and come out with good grades. When we are younger, our parents want us to be doctors, engineers, lawyers, you know any of these noble professions and they believe that pressuring us to study will get us where they want us to be but little did they know that it was countereffective.

Parents believe if they do not put enough pressure then the kids are less likely to succeed. When I was little my dad was all about my education. Each time I come home from school, he checks through my book to see my scores in school and if I scored zero in any of my classworks, he brings out his cane and wipes me that night and makes me study extra hours and go to bed late at night. This turned me into a sleep deprived child. I wake up the next morning with my brain unrested and I go to class the next day and sleep all through. Now how has keeping me late into the night to study helped me.

Kids who are pressurized by parents get the tendency to cheat. Because my dad always checks through my books, whenever I score zero in class, I tear off that sheet of paper so when my dad goes through my books, I'll simply tell him we had no classworks that day. When he discovered my antics, he started numbering my books and that made me learn to copy from my classmate answer book or text booklet so I will at least get some score. This is what so many kids go through because of the pressures to succeed from parents.

Kids lose interest in learning new skills or participating in activities because they don't want to be a failure. Instead of trying and failing they rather not try at all, this way they do not disappoint their father. The child develops low self esteem, a feeling of I am not good enough, I can enough he good enpugh.

What you have succeeded in doing is killing their inspiration and not believe in themselves, what children needs is encouragement not pressure. Not every child is a genius and children learn at different pace. Understand the pace of your child and work on improving it with her or him. Assist them with homework, teach them when they come back from school, discuss with them their challenges and listen to them talk about it and find way to help them.


From my experience as a teacher, I feel that our education system is dated as it classes everyone in the same category but in fact everyone excels at different areas. We have to take note on the different specializations that different individuals have. This leads to the cliche phrase whom a teacher ask a fish to climb a tree. But for the current situation, it is better to pressure children once in a while to make sure they do study or else they would just take it too easy. It is best to be done in moderation


I think that better to encourage them to study instead of preasuring them.

Tell them the importance of studying and learning. Encouraging them to give their best and not just to base on having high grades.

There could be various ways to make learning more interesting too.