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Wow - I'm loving it - getting up votes from musing. Can you express that feeling of happiness when you receive an up vote from musing?

Musing.io always reward meaningful and valuable contributions both questions and answers as well, although sometimes the way the curators weigh contents is quite different but sometimes I do not expect rewards and some other times I definitely do.

It's always something anazing to get rewarded for the things you enjoy doing and that's really a fantastic feeling.

It always makes me feel my voice, opinions and views is worth something and also makes me feel I can help people out answer their question and get rewarded, it's the most amazing feeling


I am a new member. I started around a month ago, and I couldn't achieve much to be honest. However, I can assure you that I am having a good time. 

When I first found out about musing, I was so happy because I like to share people my knowledge in topics I know about. I also like it when other people challenge me or correct me. That is the whole idea of learning I believe, you should always discuss and only then you can be more sure about what you know and what you don't know.

When I answered a question on musing for the first time, I was really surprised to get an upvote from musing. I thought that it was a one time thing because I am a newbie. But then I have realised that musing upvotes not once but regularly. That was an amazing discovery. I also like it that musing doesn't upvote every answer or question you write on the platform. Even though it might sometimes be frustrating not to get a reward in form of upvotes, it is still a necessary mechanism that prevents people from spamming.

I think it is an awesome method to motivate people to become active members on musing.  That happiness when musing upvotes you is like winning the lottery, I would say. 


The best way I can express what getting an upvote from musing (or any user really) is like is to say it is the same as getting a thumbs up or atta-boy or good job.

It is a form of recognition that lets me know my time and post was appreciated in some manner. That someone out there used their time to read my words and thought they were worthy enough of recognition. And better yet, recognition in a monetary sense.


Well to be honest it really feels great to share things that you know with others and help the user in front of you in any way you can.

Well whenever we start something new we do not understand or do not know what will happen in the coming days but we do go on and think of the best way to support us in that run and be the motivator for own self even if you do not get anything in the first but that belief just keeps us going and once you get that thing you desire for that is when your hard work pays for.

Well being on MUSING was that way now it really feels great when Musing just upvotes the comments.

Well though it is a bonus but it really feels great like you said 

 I'm loving it  


I agree with you. It is fantastic when you are rewarded with something. To be recognized and rewarded by a vote is a good feeling and something to look forward to.

The rewards actually make it worthwhile spending more time answering the question. The better the answer it should reflect in the reward. I do tend to try and give a better answer now than when I first started even though both styles are fine and correct.