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What if someone delegate some of his/her STEEM Power to musing? Are there any rewards we can expect?

No you won't get any reward from musing for delegating any steempower to them. I'm not entirely sure what musing's business model is exactly but I know that it has nothing to do with rewarding people for delegating steempower to them.

With that in mind, you could still delegate some of your steempower to musing; if you feel that musing has done alot for you, and I'm sure it has, then I don't think it's a bad idea. I plan to delegate a little steempower to them soon, even though I don't have much, at the very least, it would be my way of saying thank you to them.


Oh yes there are rewards. Maybe not directly. Because to my knowledge musing offers no such compensation in their business package, but indirectly there a quite a number of ways you and the entire platform can benefit:

First by giving musing more steem power you give the opportunity to cast bigger votes, which would provide even higher rewards for people on the platform who asks and answer questions. Yourself included. So in the short run if you keep being a dilligent muser (I called people who using musing musers) then you can expect to get a return in terms of even higher rewards dor your efforts.

Another way you benefit also steems from the above, that is the higher the steem power musing has the higher the reward, the higher the numner of people who wants to use musing, the bigger the platform gets, the more curators we have, leading to higher efficiency leading to even higher number of users... on and on in that beautiful cycle that in the ends come to benefit us all abundantly!

So you see that while there may be no short term immediate reward, there is a more fruitful indirect long term reward. Have a nice day.

Cheers XD


There is the reward of knowing you are putting your Steem towards a platform you believe in. Also, bear in mind that musing rewards users of the platform quite generously. It's only logical for me to  imagine, many users who've made a decent amount of Steem Power will give back at some point and delegate to musing. It's certainly something I have given some thought.

musing also seems to be stretched thin on VP if you ask me. At some point they might be forced to make a decision that will either entail lowering their votes, or having to become more selective with their rewards, as a means to keep it fair and balanced for everyone. 

Now if some of the users who've been paid generously by musing were to delegate some of those rewards back in the form of Steem Power, it would make it possible for musing to continue to reward the same amount, while lowering their vote weight. When you are able to lower your vote weight, you are able to cast more votes. 

I hope this gives you a general idea of the benefits of delegating to a platform such as musing. 


Musing has started from nothing to something. It all started with no support when @jonching was building the platform on top of Steem blockchain. His tremendous work paved a way to encourage delegators without expecting something in return. They just wanted to support the project giving a lot of opportunities to users.

Musing hopes to incentivize users who wants to share their ideas. We are the product of musing and they acknowledged that.

With the current algorithm of Musing (allocates all of their voting to rewards users in the platform), it will be difficult for them to share something to delegators. As they are not taking any beneficiary rewards. 

But still as you noticed, delegations they received were constant because they know where the platform is heading. With healthy and honest people, I expect more and more delegators of Musing without expecting something in return. 

In my opinion, this is all about who is leading a platform. It all started from @elear of Utopian, to @tabris and @project7 of Steemhunt, to @howo and @freidkaa of Steempress, and finally @jonching of Musing. This is indeed a great platform.


Uhmmm well no, there isn't, but you can be damn sure that musing and the musing community will definitely appreciate your kind donation!!!!

Thank you for your service sir, we await the delegation that you have unknowingly promised to give the community!!!


No, there are no benefits to delegators here at the moment. 


No there are no benefits that I know of. I am sure they will appreciate it though as it is all about helping them grow.

New Sapps sometimes need support so it is not a bad idea. Every little bit adds up. i am hoping to get a little bigger then I will be able to delegate some around different users and different sites.

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