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What is Dtube and how does it differ from Youtube?

Youtube is the largest video hosting website which is owned and controlled by google. On other hand Dtube is a decentralized video sharing platform built on top of the steem blockchain and this is the main difference between youtube and dtube. You can't compare between these two as youtube is a very big platform and dtube is nothing in front of it but you can know the difference between them.

Google has some certain rules on youtube and it is controlled by them. And users of the platform gets paid by monetising there uploaded videos. All users can't monetise there videos as they have set a threshold of video watch time which means all the user can't get paid for there content. Users who get monetisation gets there income from google ads. Google does some partnership with international/multinational/local companies and advertise various stuffs. Those advertise comes on the first of the video or downside of the play window while watching video(which is irritating to me). When someone click on those ads google gets money from the company and they give some percentage to the user. You need to wait sometime to reach the withdraw threshold and a month for your payment.

But in case of Dtube it's completely different. Dtube which is Decentralized app(Dapp) is controlled by no one but every user/stalk holder is considered as a authority. As it's built on top of steem blockchain, it uses "Proof of brain" for rewarding people. There is no threshold or limitation for earning. Anyone can share their content and can get rewarded. As it's a p2p technology it will depend on other user, how much they are liking it and you will get reward as much others like your content. Like youtube you need not to wait for your payment. As steem blockchain rule, you will get your reward after 7 days of posting, whatever amount it is.

But one thing, youtube is full of resources and you won't get everything on dtube but on youtube. I used both youtube and Dtube and dtube video playback wasn't that much smooth as youtube for me.


In simpler terms: The main difference between DTube and Youtube is that DTube is decentralized. 

Youtube runs on a system owned and operated by an organization (Google) giving them full access and authority over those who had signed.in and used Youtube before. The control is owned by one large organization. If Google wants to, they can suspend/terminate any account just because they can and have the full power and authority to do so.

Decentralized Apps (DApps) like DTube however are free from any control and interference from any single authority. Every user using the app is somewhat considered the owner of the app and/or share some stake over it. That is why DApps cannot suspend nor terminate any account because they have no full power and authority to do so and is also the reason why there are NO ADVERTISEMENTS on DApps. Since everybody somewhat owns the app, the advertisers have to pay everybody first before they can start advertising.

It is worth to note that DTube is built on top of the Steem Blockchain and must also adhere to ALL its rules and mechanisms. Which is why there is another huge difference on how content creators are being payed on this two platforms. At the moment, DTube only allows content creators up to 7 days to accumulate payout rewards in terms of an upvote unlike Youtube's eternity. Any content (video) after 7 days on DTube are no longer rewarded which honestly is discouraging and somewhat unfair to some vloggers especially people who only have a small following.


At this point everyone knows that today YouTube is the largest and most used video hosting platform in the world, but it is also true that it is not the only alternative, in fact there are many users who, unhappy with certain Use policies of the Google Video Portal, look for other proposals

Well, in this case we are going to talk about another similar website, but at the same time very different, called DTube, a decentralized video platform that uses Blockchain and P2P technology. Say that the main interface of DTube shows us the most outstanding content at that time, the trends and the most viewed. At the same time we can search or use the menu on the left to explore various labels or listings related to our account.

In this same list we have two other options for videos called "see later" or "see again", which will be of great help. Clicking on a video opens a new window that automatically plays the content, so far, there are few differences with other sites like YouTube. However, we can ask some questions, since, in the absence of ads, how is the content monetized? At the same time we can ask ourselves where the videos are hosted, or the restrictions that we can find in this platform.

DTube, the P2P streaming video service without restrictions

And is that DTube is a platform without advertising, since it uses "Steem blockchain", which provides many advantages with respect to the operation of other portals of this type. This means that users do not have to make initial deposits and that there are no transaction fees.

In this way the videos uploaded to DTube earn rewards in the form of crypto-currencies for seven days, for which this site uses a decentralized storage system powered by the P2P IPFS protocol to store the contents.

In fact, with all this the publishers of the videos are not the only users who make money here, but the visitors who leave comments, can also accumulate profits. Content creators can add their own accounts on DTube and upload videos to the service, where normal videos and NSFW are supported (not safe / appropriate for the job). However, the latter are hidden by default, but can be unlocked by clicking on the configuration icon located in the upper right corner.

Therefore, the service itself states that there is no moderation of content by its creators, so that users have full control in this regard using positive and negative votes. Of course, this is a platform that is now in full growth, so it still has a time to mature to have more content. 


There are quite few differences actually

* DTube is a crypto streaming video platform on the Steem Blockchain where users can upload their videos and earn in the payouts of Cryptocurrency (Steem & SBD)

* Whereas Youtube has the same feature of uploading and sharing contents but has censorship issues and many more restrictions than Dtube and the once you get to earn from youtube you will be paid in USD most of the times.

* While Dtube is add free and does not has  other hassle like youtube. 

* Dtube helps Content creators who makes quality Video with the form of Upvotes thus the users get a handsome payout compared to the new users of Youtube.

* Here in Dtube both the viewers and content creators can earn rewards by upvoting the content of the users in the form of curation reward(you have to have id in Steem Blockchain). Which for the viewers in Youtube not possible.

* No one can shut you down in Dtube with any issue one of the great advantage compared to youtube. You will have no issue in uploading contents. 

This are the most basic differences.  


DTube is a video sharing platform like YouTube, but it is built on top of Steem blockchain You can upload and watch videos on DTube and YouTube, but these two platforms are not the same. 

YouTube is not built on top of blockchain whereas DTube is built on top of Steem blockchain.

To upload videos on Dtube, you have to have an Steemit account while you have to have Google account to upload videos on YouTube. 

DTube is decentralized. On the other hand, YouTube is centralized.

You will face a lot of restrictions on YouTube. Your videos can be censored, your account can be banned. But you do not have to face any of those restrictions on DTube. No one is censoring your videos or ban your account. You enjoy the total freedom on DTube.

If you get upvote on your videos on DTube, you can earn money, but to monetize your videos with ads on YouTube, you have to fulfill their requirement, and it keeps on changing.

On DTube, you get paid on cryptocurrency such as Steem and SBD whereas you get pain on Dollars on YouTube.

DTube directly support on your video by giving upvote. On the other hand, advertisers and sponsors support your videos on YouTube.

This is how, DTube differs from YouTube.

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There are a lot of Stuff DTube has to offer that Youtube doesn't. But to start with, the only important aspect Youtube has advantage with is that they have the best technology and big spending appetite to innovate more their site, DTube still is on the verge of developing a more convenient method for user.

DTube has a lot to offer that every person is facing this problem with Youtube.

- A platform that has no advertisements (Something I hate about Youtube, ads here ads there).

- The community decides the value of your video. It is with our upvotes to decide the value of one's video.

- DTube itself rewards its content contributors by upvotes.

- Decentralized and no central authorities controlling it, everything is transparent in the blockchain.