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If you are dying tomorrow and you have to do only one thing today, what would you do?

This reminds me to Steve Jobs saying this quote

"If you live each day as if it was your last, someday you'll most certainly be right." It made an impression on me ... and since then, for the past 33 years , "If today were the last day of my life, I would like to do what I'm about to do today."

We live thinking that life is very long. We know we have an end, but it is something that we see very far away. We hardly think that our presence in this world is limited, and that we will not have all eternity to do what we propose.

When we have abundance of resources, we do not consider the efficient management of them. If we understand that we have a long time, that life is very long, we might be tempted to postpone the realization of our objectives at any other moment in time. So, doing something today or tomorrow would not matter. It seems that we will always be able to count on a new day in which we can do what we propose.

From the reading of the phrases of Steve Jobs we perceive that if we develop our life taking into account the concept of death, we will begin to perceive the limited character of our time. Consequently, doing something or not doing it will be important, because tomorrow may not exist. If we consider that today can be our last day, making a decision or not taking it is important. Thankfulness, recognition or sharing our time with someone you love is important.

Have you ever considered what you would do TODAY if you knew that it is YOUR LAST LIFE DAY?

Imagine that you discover that tomorrow you will not be here anymore. What would you try to do today? What objective would you propose to achieve? What do you feel satisfied? Who would you like to share with today? What would be the most important message you would like to convey to those around you today? How would you like to be reminded of your loved ones from tomorrow? What would you like them to say about you?

This reflection will help you discover what things and people are truly important to you. You will discover what your true values ​​and important goals are. Can you imagine having lived your life intensely according to the values ​​for which you would like to be remembered?

When you have finished your analysis, think about the things you did yesterday. Did you live yesterday according to the values ​​that you just highlighted? Did you develop any of the important tasks that you just wrote on your list? Do not? Maybe you just realized that yesterday, you did not take into account your values, and / or that your actions were not focused on the issues that really matter to you.


Maybe because you thought you could do all that at another time. You knew that all this was important, but you dedicated yourself to other things that you understood more urgent. It is also possible that you have not considered the importance of these issues until now, and that this extreme exercise has helped you to visualize the issues that we should consider as a priority.

Many times, we worry about developing our businesses, to make our companies bigger, to sell more, to sell in more countries, to do our work more quickly, to reach a more important position in our company, for ... In short , important issues to consider, but that in no case should be a priority regarding our true desires.

We will observe that in our list are our children, our couple, our family, ..., and it is precisely to them that perhaps we spend less time on a day-to-day basis. We will hardly find someone who in the last day of his life wants to have a bigger company, more money or be more famous or important. Thus, we see that many of the issues that we care about and deal with on a daily basis are not aligned with our ultimate and important goals.

If so, we could have discovered that our balance is very tilted, and that perhaps it is time to try to center it. Perhaps from this reflection we should make some change. We must continue to take care of current things, but giving less weight to the issues on the list that we have made from the previous reflection. Although fortunately we are going to have a lot of life ahead, the current moment is the great moment to start using it in the things that really matter to us. Thus, if during each of the remaining days we spend our time on what is truly important, when our last day arrives we will have a feeling of fullness and satisfaction for having invested our lives in it. If we do not do it, when that moment arrives, we will realize that we have dedicated our time and effort to traveling a path that did not have our dreams and desires as a final station.

Start now. Take the opportunity to tell those around you how important they are to you. Consider spending an extraordinary day with them, and enjoy the current moment as if it were your last moment.


I were dying tomorrow I have to do only one thing today, I would give my life to Jesus Christ and spend my last days living for him. Most people doubt the existence of God and heaven and hell. The question I want to ask is "what if God and every other that's written in the bible is true and real?"

Though I'm already living for God but if I know that I have just one day left to live on the earth, I would amend my way the more to please God. I wouldn't want to take any chances on my eternity. It's very real


I would put my affairs in order, make sure everyone I care about is taken care of, do what I could to make sure all arrangements are made and then

I would go out for the most extravagant steak dinner I could. I would order all the worst things on the menu, lots of bread, HEAVY on the butter, MULTIPLE slices of cheesecake for dinner, all with super rich toppings (hot fudge, caramel, heavy fruit/syrup and such).

I would enjoy my last day because how few of us have the opportunity to know when it is our last day and take the opportunity to enjoy it.


Quite honestly, I would probably spend it much the same way I spend most every night. I would sit at home with my wife and dog. I might give them a bit more love and hold them a little closer and a little longer but being with them would be the main thing I want to do.


I would make sure all my personal stuff is in order and that no one else has to worry about it. Spend the day with the family and have a last supper as such. I would relax and just spend quality time with the people that I care about.


I'll prepare everything for I will be leaving my loved ones. A big part of it will be my possessions handled everything to them. All of my secret assets (especially crypto).

- Allocating my possessions to my siblings studies.

- Business to make for my family.

- My happiest moments with my family.

- Insurances to settle when I die.

Everything comes in one sentence - I'm still looking for my family even though I'm dying.


If I'm to die tomorrow, the only thing I'd love to do is to apologise to everyone I've wronged anyway and try to make my path with God straight.

The bible says what shall it profit a man if he gains the whole world and loses is own soul. And sincerely right now I'm not prepared to lose my soul.

If I'm to die tomorrow I'd like to make heaven at all cost.


Sex, drugs, rock and roll, all confabulated into a sweaty ball of funness.

I mean, if your gonna die tomorrow. I'm pretty sure "feeling good" today is all that matters at this point.