If you do right, then yes LOL

Seriously though there are various ways sex can kill you. Most notably would be diseases or infections such as HIV that you can catch from your partner.

Heart conditions can play a part in dying from sex as well. Sometimes the exertion is simply too much for your handle and can kill you. This is generally known as "Went with a smile on his face" syndrome.

There can also be repercussions from your partner themselves or possibly someone attached to the partner (spouse or boy/girlfriend, ex spouse or boy/girlfriend or even just a stalked upset that you "got" that person and they didn't)


Yes, it can!

It can kill you in several ways:

- By exposing you to dangerous diseases, such as aids

- By exposing you to dangerous behavior of jealous partners if you do it with the wrong person

- By totally exhausting you to death if you do it way to often



The news and newspapers have so many stories of people who died while having sex.

Increase sexual activity exposes the heart to possibilities of heart attacks whivh can lead to cardiac arrest. Sometimes vigorous and intense sexual activity with someone who is prone to heart attack can cause sudden death via cardiac arrest.

Sometimes people die while having sex with someone other than their partner as a result of some diabolical means, voodoo or black magic. Use of sexual drugs like viagra has been known to kill many also. Alcohol taken alongside some sex enhancing drugs to induce long lasting during sex can have some adverse effect on the body leading to sex. It can even increase the heart rate leading to heart attack.

People have died practising BDSM during sex by use of duct tapes, strangling of the partner to stimulate sexual desire, electrocution and other fetishes which are very dangerous.