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Is failure a better teacher than Success?

We can learn from both failure and success. If you are successful on something, it will inspire you, and you feel good about it. At the same time you know what works and what not. Next time you can follow the same blueprint to get the result that you want. If you succeed in one project, you will more likely take the next project. You know it very well that you can do it because you did the same thing before. And you have the experience to do the job effectively and efficiently. So, success is a teacher.

When you plan to do something, it seems great. When anyone plans to do something, she/he plans to do that successfully, not to fail. But the thing is, you may fail on that. It happens. Failure is a part of the journey. Yes, it hurts, and you might be disappointed. But you should love your failure because you can learn a lot when you fail. You know what you did and why it did not work. You know what to do next time to overcome this and make it successful.

When you are successful, you might not pay attention what is going on right now. You are successful by following the previous blueprint. But now things change. As a result, your blueprint might not work and that may not work well as it did before. It might become irrelevant for the present situation. You are romantic about it. It is because this is how, you do things and you got success before. You are used to doing that. Now you are not comfortable trying something new. It is your vulnerability. You might not always learn from success.

If you have firm determination, and you decide to do something anyhow, you will not give up easily. In that case, failure is your best teacher. You know exactly what's wrong and why you did not get the result. It will teach you what to do and what not to do in the future. Failure is the pillar of success. So, failure is a better teacher than Success. 

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YES, of course, failure **is** a better teacher than success. Because success is NOT meant to be a teacher. Success is a validation.

Success can be a teacher only in a sense which isn't very pertinent to the individual (s) who own the success, but to the others who seek to learn from them.

But of course if we assume that the owner of that success has himself or themselves gone through some failure at one point or another in their process/journey, then isn't it really THEIR mistakes and failures we're learning from and not really the success in itself?

Again, learning from your own failures is the best way to learn. You not only know what to do, moat importantly you know what NOT to do. Learning from others might be the safer, more secure way, but in the end until you've gone through the processes yourself, you can never truly feel and know the nuances associated with a certain endeavor.

Also the joys that come with having striven, and failed, and learned, and failed again, is more, I tell you, than the one which comes from just looking at an established model and getting things done. Any major scientist who has shouted eureka will tell you this!

And even I, who's never invented a thing, know that joy. We all know it in the course of our daily lives. The joy of solving a problem and finding out you've made a mistake, and then realizing that mistake, working on it, and finally getting things right; this great joy knows no bound! It's an added adventure on its own. A rolllercoaster inside a rollercoaster, so to speak.

In conclusion, at the end of the day everyone wants and needs the validation that comes with success. But we learn all the more thoroughly, and enjoy the fruits of our labor better, if, having striven and failed, we realize our mistakes and rise above them with determination! There is no greater joy, I tell you! Cheers!


By going through failures we get to understand what we are missing and how to improve our self so that in future we can avoid them and make usage of those knowledge to make our life a little better.

While after getting success many people just forget their past and does not acknowledge the things that they have done to reach there. Just forgets who they are it happens in most of the cases. Pride enters to the mind and does many things starts to change.

While often in failure, a lesson is learned be that it may be good or bad. So in my point of view Failure does teaches us a lot more. 


I'll definitely say yes to this, just like I also think that a terrible experience will leave a lasting impression thus teaching you an ever green lesson.

Let's take a look at this matter this way; When I was in low school we had very wicked teachers and teachers that are soft hearted too and in African school beating is a method of ensuring that student learns whether they want to or not, the truth is that the wicked teacher gives us sums on maths and whenever we fail, they make us carry bricks in the hot sun and walk barefooted in burning sun, while undergoing these processes we were ruminating on what we could do right to pass the sun in other not to fail again and suffer what we were suffering, we buckled up and started getting our sums right, because we knew that the consequences of failure is very harsh and this become a motivation to succeed at all cost.

When we failed at primary school, the consequences that followed was what motivated us to succeed, meanwhile when you're successful already you tend to rest on your oars because there is no biting or aching motivation for you to succeed.

So in conclusions failure teaches one to succeed more than success


To some extent yes.

All it depends on the individuals. 

Some peoples learn from their mistakes or failures but other don't.

Similarly, success also teach lessons to those who try to learn.

Many people analyse their decisions and learn form them.

While other just enjoy the success.  

Failure is not a bad thing, we ca't be successful in our every step.

Everyone faces failures in some stage the better one are those who learn from their mistakes.

So, in my opinion, learning depends on the individuals themselves not the failure or success.  


No, not necessarily. Failure is teaching you many things, many ways how not to succeed. But it can also teach you strength, endurance, perseverance, and much more. Whereas success mostly teaches you what you needed to do to reach that success. But in the end, the teacher failure, should be able to teach you the ultimate goal of success.

Making a mistake is not a bad thing. Not fixing your mistake, and not learning from your mistake, that's a bad thing. 

When you learned to walk, or to ride a bike, you, like everybody else, fell. That's not a bad thing. It hurt at that moment, but it learned you that you need to try to stay upright. And when you tried staying upright by leaning forward, you fell again. So you learned that leaning too far forward is not a good way to stay upright.

If you would have fallen while trying to walk, and see it as a bad thing, no more, no less, then you wouldn't have gotten up, you wouldn't have tried again, and you would still be there, not being able to walk.

Most people are not in the incapabality to do something, they are just afraid to fail, to make mistakes. While actually, making mistakes is the best way to learn how to do something.

To end with a quote: When asked if he wasn't tired of failing to produce his lightbulb said "I have not failed. I've just found 10,000 ways that won't work".