Do you miss the days when musing upvotes were really motivating?

As we become two months removed from when the Steemit delegation was removed, it's heartening to see that there are still some people here asking and answering questions.

I for one have slacked off quite a bit, partly because there were fewer questions to answer at any given time, but also because the reward incentive went away completely. So, yes, I do miss it.

It's too bad.

Musing wasn't the only one to lose a delegation that day, but it seems to be the only dApp to essentially halt any kind of upvoting on user work. Instead of continuing with the upvote based on the delegations it previously had, the curation ceased.

I can't speak to why that happened, other than curators may/may not have been paid, and without major curation rewards coming in, there wasn't enough incentive/ability to keep them on. So, unlike whatever situations these other undelegated dApps have, Musing wasn't able to continue as it did before.

Which is sad, since Musing was the first place where I was able to actually get some regular decent rewards. Not anything crazy, but based on what appeared to me to be a good judge of quality and originality. Yes, I would have liked to see larger upvotes, but I still felt they were fair.

So, I'm spending more time on dPoll now, which has less of a delegation than what Musing still has, yet, they're curating content. We'll see how it goes.


Sure. I miss those good days and hope that they will come back again.


I would say YES and NO. Yes, because I learnt that musing used to give some decent and meaningful upvotes on posts before their delegation was taken away.

No, because I was never present on musing as at then. However, the few times I've had some upvotes from musing.oi were quite encouraging, and this happened recently.

I don't know what happened or what led to the removal of the delegation from this dApp. But I would suggest if possible, that musing continue with their manual curation. Find a way or an alternative method of paying their curators, yes, because curators also deserve incentives.

Nevertheless, musing still makes sense a lot on the steem blockchain as one of the few dApp that truly encourages originality, creativity and talent amongst her users.

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Believe everyone does

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Everyone surely miss the days musing vote were really motivating such that the platform used to be very competitive back then with more users asking questions and answering questions.

After the delegation got pulled out, musing had to stop the upvote for sometime which really affected the performance of musers because there wasn't incentive to keep them using the platform. The activities on Musing was reduced by some percentage when there was no upvote for people compared to when the platform do upvotes people during those days.

I just hope musing can start acting like they used to act those days because most people had left the platform since there wasn't any incentive(upvotes) to keep them working. I believe Musing will surely be more developed more than the present development as time proceed. We just have to be patient with the team and keep hoping for the best.

Thanks for reading and I hope this helps.


Yes I can still remember those days. Although I was new at that time and did not get enough opportunity as I joined musing late. But it was 13th Jan 2019, the big delegation to musing was pulled off. It really made me sad. I felt like I became an orphan in this esteemed community. But I used to check the updates and read the good questions and answers daily.

See in a tokenized community, everything has a value. That is not bad either. I personally feel as long as there is value addition then upvoting someone's time effort always retains the valuable resource for a community. The upvote from musing were really a great moral boost and motivated a lot to many people. I am sure many might have lost their day job after delegation pulled away.

Now what I believe is that with Steem price now at 0.5 USD, and with the current SP musing can still curate good questions and answers and this way it can restore the lost thing back to this platform.

I wish musing gets delegation from some other source if not from steemit so that this platform can grow further.


Yes everyone does.

Because it has helped lot of people earning good returns, especially those with low voting power.

After the removal of delegation many people have left in disappointment but there are still people who are still hanging there.

But the good news Musing has again stated the upvoting. 

Although, the voting power is not so high but it always  good to have some encouragement.  

Hopefully with the passage of time more delegation will come and more upvotes we will see in near future.


No because it was not sustaining anyway.

And it's not worth the time if you do it for the money. I don't get it how anyone would do it for the financial reward. Unless you live of a few dollars a day. 

Are you a slave or something?


I miss it for the fact that it was really helping my account grow rather quickly. However, with a big delegation comes lots of spammers and people just coming for the upvotes, and that has died down alot, so we are seeing alot more genuine people on here!

I was starting to get tired of reading the novels on here. Some questions are simple and dont require a 1 page spiel - sometimes just a few sentences will suffice.

So yes I miss the delegation but in some ways it has made the platform more "genuine".