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Can you sacrifice your life for another person?If yes, Who and why?

Emotional question about mom..

I can sacrifice my life for my Mom and my family.I love them lot.In my life my mom my everything. For my living reason in the world.In my life my mom my inspiration. I can everything for my mom.In every person life mom place are always special.And in my life also.MOM AND always support in for ones big problem.No one want to supoot. For any problem our mom always stay with us.When we feel pain our mom get so much pain than us in her heart.When one person sad his or her mom  first feel that her daughter sad. And they try lot for back her daughter happiness. Its really heard feelings.I know its not easy answer. But I can sacrifice my life for my mom happiness.Because she is my life.I cant see my moms upset face. 


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I agree with  Nonsowrites and can sacrifice my life for my mother, sister, brothers (My father died a long time ago) & my life partner.

But, now after living so many years of my life, my priorities are a little bit changed, this doesn't mean that I won't sacrifice my life for the above mentioned ones but their positions are somewhat have shifted to second place.

I don't have kids, but I love my siblings' kids and think them as my own. If there would be a situation when I had to sacrifice my life for anyone of them I would do so without any second thought. And if there would be a situation when I had to choose between them and my mother, siblings & life partner to sacrifice my life for, then I will place these kids on the top of my priority list.

Have a nice day.


Understanding sacrifice is an act of sincere moral awareness to people who are loved and trusted.

I will do everything for the people I love and make them happy, namely:

  • Parents, who gave birth to me, gave me education and raised me as they are now because they were based on parents' love for their children
  • Brother, the relationship because of brotherhood makes us protect each other and give mutual advice, finance, and good time.
  • Wife, when my parents left and left me forever and my brother already had a new family, now is the time to devote my attention and time to my new family, a graceful wife to build a happy family.
  • Children, when I have two sons, all my energy and mind are focused on them, so they are happy, comfortable and proud to have parents like me.

Over time, I will sacrifice my life based on priorities, namely children, wife and brother.

They are the motivation of my life and I always sacrifice my life for them.

Have a nice day.


For my mother, sisters and brother I will. They are all I live for at this point in time. I think I have said this a couple times. It's really not a difficult decision to take. I would do so In a heartbeat because if I am to imagine a life without them, I am better off dead. They will be no purpose to life. My life will be empty. Everything I do right now is to ensure that they all have a better life so what's the point to a life without them?

It is true that one should not overestimate their self. I have not been presented with a life or death situation where I had to choose between my own life and theirs. And I will say it is easier said than done but I believe to so extent I should be able to choose them over my life.


 Many would say, yes of course i would do this or that for family, partner or friend. But Let's face the reality. How often do people come in situations were they have the choice to sacrifice your life for another person?

+Maybe if people lived in a war situation, or grew up in ghetto's, then they might come in situations were it could be needed to sacrifice them self.
So it might be cliche to say up front, yes i would do this or that, but i think you can only answer this question if you been in that situation. 

And i can say out of experience, that on the moment anyone wants to sacrifice himself for someone else, is the moment that the person accepted that he will die, for the sake of someone else.

And when that situation occur, do people almost need a miracle to survive those situations and to get out of it, because sacrifice means you will get the choice of being killed by the circumstances you are in, and to survive that would almost be a miracle.

And when that person survive, then he has the experience and knowledge of what it really means to sacrifice them self for someone else.
Now why would i say this? Because i know that the majority of the people will first try to save their own lives, instead of thinking of someone else, even if it's family. 

No offense to everyone who commented that they would sacrifice for who ever, but im only general saying, that the person who could really do this, are the ones who are willingly to accept death before they even died, and those people had some hard life experience in the past, what learned them to make hard choices.

And yes, iv been in a situation once where i sacrificed myself for a friend, not family or partner, just a good friend with who i was doing business with. We ended up in a situation were we both got the blame for losing money, because we introduced the wrong guys to my friends!

Then we ended up in a situation were we both looked into loop of a 9mm gun, they wanted to kill us that night. And i was very confused because i did not know those guys, who did something wrong, i only knew the guy who lost his money ( who was angry). It was my friend who knew those guys ( who took the money), but he did not know they had other plans, but we both got the blame for it.

Those guys when crazy and wanted there money back that evening or they would kill us, then i said look, let my friend go and if he doesn't come back tomorrow then kill me.

But what i did not knew on that moment, that those words saved our lives, because the guy calmed down and gave us time to search for those guys, and that's how we survived, i was just 21 back then and my daughter was just born and i just had a contract from a new work.

But still for unknown reasons i was willingly to give everything up for my friend, because i knew they would blame him on the end, because he brought them to my friends. So on that moment they were angry on both of us, but real soon they would find out that i had nothing to do with them, and then they would focus on him.

I could not let that happen and the only option i saw was to sacrifice myself, and to end this story, we got out of that situation a couple of months later after we paid the money back!

Now this doesn't mean that i would do that again, but i can say, yes iv done that and maybe i was young and reckless, and those business was also very dangerous, but i was grown up in a world were those business was normal.

It was normal for us back then, to take the blame if something happen, when the police caught me then i had to take all the blame. and sacrifice myself for the others.

We always said... Know what you say, but never say what you know!
So what im trying to say is, what i found out in life, from the 100 people maybe only 5 are like this what i described above here, all others think for them self or act selfish. That can be a guy in a company who kiss the ass of the boss, and will take your ideas and sell them like he created them.

Or a person who is supposed to be a friend, while he/she targets the partner of his friend. Or a family member who is after money and don't really care about others from his own family. And i think we all have seen those people around us, even here on Steemit.

Just look at steemit, where are all those wales who where talking about how good Steem is and steem this and promote steem that? Many are gone, they could use their steem power or votes to help others, but nooo most have power down and are gone, or are creating apps to get more steem or voting bots.

So what im saying is, making a sacrifice means, that you don't want to be selfish, and that you want that others can have a chance to, and i honestly did not see that much in life in a general way.

That saying, yes i can sacrifice myself for sure, and in different ways, because i only follow one rule. Treat others like how i want to be treated, even if the majority think different, then still my logic wound change.

Because the knowledge and experience i get from the sacrifice ,has more value then the profit, position, idea or life i would get if i was selfish.

Call me crazy, but i think the mentality should be like this, if the world used the rule of treat others like how you want to be treated then there would be world peace in a blink of a eye! 


Its difficult to do in recent life.Because life not so easy to giving. But if anyone ask me this question I will answer for my mom and dad.Because in my life they are my only well wisher they did lot for me.They always give me all happiness wwithout any.question. For ine child their parents most important in their life.I.think this can only.possible just for parents who love us than their life.

Its hard question to ans but I will say i can it just for my.parents..




Actually, I always used to be that way especially when my parents are still alive. I'd rather be the one experiencing what they experienced when they are suffering from debilitating disease. My mother was afflicted with cancer, and I witnesses how much she suffered. If I can even take some of her pains, then I could've taken them. The same thing with my father. If only I can exchange my life to them, then I did.

Aside from my parents, I am willing to sacrifice my life to the people I love like my brothers and sisters, as well as friends who are worthy of it. Of course, I am willing to sacrifice my life to my girlfriend.


I would sacrifice my life for my family and for my loved ones. They are the closest and will always remain that way. 

I've been put to the test, I'm ready to put my life in danger if I can save another family member. I would donate my kidney if needed, but unfortunately my blood type does not match anyone. 

When you love someone, you're ready to help them any way you can. that's what family and loved ones do. 


It is very nice and an important question you presented to us is very much like this question, is this really an important issue in our daily lives.

Your question was whether you can donate your life to others. Of course, if that person is my trustworthy person, if he is like my mind, then life is not a big issue for him, but if he gives more life to life than that, His debt will not be repaid.

First of all, our life is our birth, which has taken us ten months and ten days into the world, if we give our lives for that, then that debt will never be repaid because he has suffered much for us and we have suffered a lot later. If we had not had this mother in the world, then we would never have been made, we would not have been created.

And I did not think that the second is that you have benefited a great deal, whether it be your friend or any other relative

There are some things in our lives that there are some friends among us who are willing to give life to a friend and a friend, but behind that there is a great purpose behind you to see that the friend has done something for him that he A friend can not repay his debt anytime, so I think that if someone has done such a thing for you, then you will have to If you do not have to repay the loan with banatao


Yes, for a child of mine. Because living knowing that I could've saved their life would be so unbearable I might as well die.


Mother, Dad and Sister.

These three have been there in my best and additionally my most noticeably bad occasions. I'm a sorry adherent of god. In any case, If there is a divine being then I view them as my god.

My folks gave me this lovely life, they are my maker. Continuously there to control me. They supported me and made me the sort of individual I'm today.

My sister made my life on this planet excellent. She generally encourages me. Adores me genuinely. What's more, she is dependably there when I require her. She's my bestest companion.

What's more, if the time comes. I'll readily forfeit myself for them.


I think for everyone life its possible more about family and for mother.We can see every person love their mother lot in their life.Every person akways get their most suport from their mothers and family..Also its not about just its also about trust,pure feelings that's just for our other and family.

If anyone love her monther lot shure she can sacrifice life for her mom with happily. .Its really for someones life extremely deep feelings.I can for my mom..Just for.my mom.

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I would and only for the people I love and care about. If I know that I will save someone by my actions but it will cost me my life  would rather make that choice than do nothing. It would tear at me every day knowing I could have done something.

I have lived a happy life already and sacrificing for a loved one is a hefty price to pay but one I am comfortable with.


Self-sacrifice for and for the happiness of others shows that in this world there are still wonderful things that are not impossible. I even sacrificed myself for an animal, I was willing to be a hero who sacrificed himself for the lives of others and even many people. Especially to defend and maintain the honor of family and people I love.

Whoever we are, will act and risk our lives for the people we love. I am willing to lose my life for the happiness of my family, my parents, my children and even for the sake of the country and religion, I am willing to sacrifice my life.

Perngorbanan for the family is a form of love and affection for my family. My self-sacrifice for the country is a form of my love for the state and homeland.

Sincere sacrifice, usually carried out by those who are soul like angels. They will always spread goodness to anyone. They don't care about losing their lives to do good.