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Does others' opinion about you really matter?

Well it really depends on the opinion of that person in front of me.

If it really helps me move upward in my work or my life than I will gladly take it be that it be good or bad because I know I am not good at everything I do as well have flaws and by saying that I shall undo the mistakes that I did or try to avoid them in future.

While if they are negative and they are not good enough for me in any way than I really do not care what the  other person opinion is or matters.

It really depends on the situation of the surroundings.


Actually, thinking about other people's opinions about yourself isn't always bad. This is because basically self-conscious emotion comes from self-awareness. These conditions help us in thinking about ways to adapt in a social environment. Self-conscious also plays a role in preventing someone from crossing the line or violating social norms. The reason is, you will feel guilty and embarrassed if you continue to break it.

Positive self-conscious emotions if not excessive have many advantages. Feeling proud of an achievement can encourage someone to work harder. Confidence can encourage you to try new challenges. Even self-conscious negative emotions such as envy are needed to recognize what you really want in life.

So the opinion of others is really important to me.

Thank you!


Not to me they don't 

My motto for 50 years has been

Love me, hate me, your opinion makes no difference to me

And why should it? I need to be happy with myself, that's what matters.

As long as I can get up in the morning and face myself in the mirror then I am happy. If I am able to look at yourself then I am doing a good job with myself.

If I am ashamed of myself and can't stand to look in the mirror, well then shaving is going to be difficult for sure. But beyond that, what impact will someone else's opinion of me have? I am already ashamed fof myself, can someone else make me feel worse than I make myself? Nope

So why worry about? Live your life for you, not what others think of you.


Well, whenever I think of it, I don't really care about what others think of me or the opinion they hold concerning me because they don't in any way add value to who I am and what I am.

My very being and personality is solely dependent on me. I motivate myself to do better, I push myself above my limits and I don't give ear to negative opinions about me.

However I listen to what everyone has to say and I say a polite thank you so I Wont come off as being rude but most of what is said about me goes straight to the dump.

Personally, to me it doesn't matter what opinion anybody has about me, their opinion does not make me who I am and cannot change who I am. Their opinion is just their thoughts about me which is gotten from what they think they know about me which they don't know jack. I am a man of myself and do not take to heart other peoples opinion about me.

The only opinion I listen to is the opinion o have about myself. I know I might sound egocentric but that's just the way i see myself.


Not really, if you can render the thought useless, and detach from the associated feeling.

The mind is powerful

One thought, or modification of a thought, or complete dismissal of a thought, can completely dictate how you perceive the world.


Honestly it doesn't matter one bit.

I have never worried what people think and don't care. I know who I am and the ones that care know that as well. Most people who presume and have assumptions on someone probably have issues themselves.

I am always careful in social settings to never offend or be rude so I am not false but being polite. I never run people down as I probably don't know them well enough to have an opinion.

I have always been straight with people and say things how they are. I won't lie or talk behind your back and most people respect me for this. I have and always will be true to myself so whatever anyone thinks or says means nothing.

If everyone was like this then mot issues would be resolved quickly and opinions would disappear as fast as they were raised. 


If those "others" are the people close to my heart, then yes it does. If I am sure that they care about me then yes I listen to their opinion. But their opinion will only be added as a decision making factor to the actions I do. The ultimate decision/action will still be based on my own opinion.


Other's opinion on me does not matter, whether that person was my mother, wife, children or even GOD.

Once upon a time I cared too much, it made me depressed. Then, I took the opposite mindset. At first I had problem with my parents and close friends. After a while those that really loves you will accept you as who you are.

Its not easy to overcome the voices inside our head which lie to us about what people think of us. 

But, I believe in achieving the meditative state in order to know yourself. 

How to achieve a meditative state is subjective? Buddhist may use mindful meditation, Hindus have their varied Yoga and meditative practices and Sufis have their differing methods to achieve a meditative state.

Seek which one more comfortable to you, if you are an atheist there's always a secular version of meditation. So enjoy the journey of the self.


Yes, to the extent the have power over me. I mean that in a very pragmatic sense. I'm not interested in others' opinion of me because I'd want badly to fit in. I'm content being left alone. The older you get the less you want to fit it. That's because your sense of who you are is more firmly established. You also begin to realize that most people just don't care about you one way or another very much.


If we talk about personal issues I DO NOT CARE ABOUT.

But if we talk about business or some kind of situation that I do not know about and I'm doing something wrong, surely if I care about the opinion of someone who already has knowledge.

I find it funny how many people abandon their dreams because their parents simply do not like them. Some parents who have gone from time to time and have attacked the child, parents who stopped giving toys to their son at age 4, parents who have a normal job and where they see that they are missing happiness.


In the previous example, that type of parents has credibility 0. When it comes to listening to a person, I only look at a few points and only pay 100% if they all meet:

He is an honest person

He is a humble person

Does not attack

Do not insult

It is respectful

He has a very respected job

He has lived what I am doing and has overcome him

Let others have their own opinion

Let others make their own decisions

As we see, I would only pay attention to a person who meets these almost impossible requirements. Why? Because if something has the human being, it is flaws. Perhaps one of the most important is to get into the lives of others. People constantly intrude into the lives of others, especially parents, parents believe they have the right to decide what makes you or not makes you happy.

No matter how old a father is, when you have to choose a career, they have NO IDEA of what makes you happy, because they do not live in your skin, therefore when you are of age you have no right to decide what suits you and what does not, because if you listen to them you will be an unhappy all your life or else you will end up doing it secretly.

Keep in mind that no other human being lives in your skin and do not know how you feel exactly, therefore when making a decision the only thing that matters is what you feel, the opinion of others is ridiculous. Yes, as long as it is moral.


importance Because if something is the human being is: selfish, and always think about their feeling, never in the other, in this century is when we are beginning to think more for others and that is reflected in a much easier life and positive.

Look at the slavery, the bulls (even in this era), racism, patriotism, the Nazis ... A set of philosophies based on selfishness because: "of course, as I am not the other so fuck him". People think more for themselves than for you, and they have been wrong millions of times during the story and they keep making mistakes. Therefore, no human being has more validity than your opinions (as long as your opinions are moral and respectful of others).

This selfishness is seen in eg Catholic homosexuals. The Catholic Church condemns homosexuals to death and discredits them, but of course, if you are gay and Catholic, you ignore this. That's how ignorant we humans are. As a result, I do not know how someone can be depressed because another person tells you that "you're worthless".

Does that person have absolute truth about the world? True no, then take your opinion as it deserves, is as important as the opinion of a human being among 6,000 million humans. Therefore, an external opinion counts: 1 / 6000.000.000. I mean, practically nothing.

That yes, does not mean that you do not have to receive criticism well, that always, but judging from your point of view and taking what you think you have to dock in you and what does not. There are foolish and ignorant people who throw a criticism at you and as you do not apply it, you are branded as: "DO NOT accept criticism".



It depends, others opinion about you do not matter at all, in one way. Quite often, other peoples opinion about other people, are a reflection of their own beliefs, and thus, their opinion about you, tells you more about them, then it does about you.

However, getting useful feedback from people, is worth listening to, because it can help you see other peoples perceptions of you.


To an extent it certainly does, but I mindfully try to convince myself everyday that it doesn't, and more so , shouldn't. 


 It only matters if it out smarted my opinion, or else it's just someone else his opinion. On the moment you search for advice from other people opinion, is the moment that you can use their opinion for the greater good. And while you do that you should accept and respect other people opinion, even if they say that they think your a idiot! Then it can almost be art to say on that moment, well that is your opinion. But i think if you can reach that, then you are a free person! 


It matters not to me what anyone thinks. They are not living my life and they really have no say in what I do.