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Is satan really to blame for all our problems?
In society today, people make wrong choices and when confronted about it, they always say it was the work of the devil pushing the blame to satan. Is he really to blame in all cases?

Oh Yeah! Of course Satan SHOUlD be blamed for all our problems. EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THEM.

You didn't study for a test, had a house party all night, and you ended up failing the test miserably? Why, blame Satan!

You weren't paying attention while walking down the road, your eyes being too busy working up and down a girl's ass, and you ended up falling inside a ditch? Blame satan!

You felt like a professional casino player in Las Vegas and you decided to risk your entire life savings on a single turn of card that you ended up losing? Blame Satan.

Your wife left you because you're a lazy prick who can't get up--or get it up-- in the morning and find a job to do; who keeps getting fired in every place he was lucky to be hired in because he cant get along with people? Oh yes please, go ahead, Blame Satan.

You missed a job interview because you were up all night watching the entire videos on the YouTube channel of a makeup artist (insert your favorite) and then when you finally did wake up in the morning you spent the better part of your time practicing what you learnt on the sacred art of make-up? Of course, blame Satan! That motherfuckerrrrrr!

You drank too much at a party because your friends were doing the same and the peer pressure made you forget you had Gastro Esophegeal Reflux Disease, and now your liver is all fucked up and feels like its being grinded?

Oh buddy the solution is simple: Blame. Satan.

You lost your soulmate because he had been asking you out for the past five years and you didn't say yes because you can't decide whether or not you're still in love with a guy that you had a one night stand with about six years ago who doesn't even like you but likes only what's under your skirt? Worry not, dear sister, Satan can take the blame!

There are hundreds of millions of kids starving all over the frigging world all due to our collective neglect, but no, Satan, take the blame!

Poor Satan. Satan Satan.

You see, the real beauty about the brilliant phenomenon that is Satan is that he's always there to take your blame. He's always willing to do that and he never shirks the responsibility, whereas the greatest evil he does at any rate is that he lets you believe that he is responsible for all your stupid mistakes and consequently instead of working on them, you keep on blaming him!

Instead of working on yourself or whatever the real cause of the quandary is and progressing in life, you keep on pressing the blame on poor old willing Satan, and all the while he laughs at you--the proverbial "Satan"--because he knows the greatest evil he can do to you is being done!

And if peradventure you should turn out to waste your ENTIRELY life putting the blame on Satan, and end up a crushing failure without prospect when all you had to do was pretty much own up to your colossal fuck-ups and work on them and work on yourself...well then, YOU CAN STILL. BLAME IT. ON. SATAN!

His entire business is based on the slogan, "Blame It On Me", and you my friend, are a customer!



It goes without saying but still should be said that these answers are addressed to NO ONE IN PARTICULAR but only serve to be a illustration on an episode of a lesson on collective human stupidity.

Cheers and admire the sublimity of that prose style!


To be honest, I rarely hear anyone mention satan (or god for that matter) in my circle of friends. My family is religious (I'm certainly not) so they mention god from time to time but weirdly never mention satan.

As others have said, satan appears to be an easy thing to blame for your own mistakes. And it's weird how people are so willing to blame satan for their short-comings. It's almost as if people want to claim that they don't have free will. 

If someone can't take ownership of their mistakes and poor decisions then there's no hope that they'll see any personal growth. And if you don't want to use take advantage of your free will, then you don't deserve any semblance success in your life. 

It's all too easy to blame others for your circumstances or mistakes. And it's a sign of weakness if that's what you choose to do.


First and foremost, it is irresponsible to put all the blame for one's failures and shortcomings on another be it god or the devil, friends or enemies or what have you.

Humans by nature don't like taking blames for their actions because they think that others have an input in their present situation, predicament as it may be. While that may be true in some instances, it is not always the case.

These days people are too careless about things they do and things happening around them and when things don't go as planned, they begin a look for another person, entity to put the blame on and this has been going on for as long as we can remember. If you're a Christian, you remember that Adam had put the blame for disobeying God on the woman that God had given to him to be a wife. So you can see that the blame game didn't start today. It's been existing for as long as the human race has existed.

For sure the devil does have his place in causing havoc, problems, calamities. After all the bible said in John 10:10 that the devil is the source of evil. He comes to kill to steal and to destroy. This doesn't mean however that we don't have power over his schemes and devices. You have a choice to do or not to do and nobody can tamper with that choice, not God and certainly not the devil. So whatever becomes of you is largely dependent on your own choice and your subsequent actions. Therefore, it will be wrong to put all the blames on the devil because though he might have put wrong ideas in your mind, he has no way of forcing you to comply with them.

So, no. The devil should not be blamed for all our actions.


Definitely not. It is just an excuse that is so weak that it can hardly convince anyone.

If you don't believe in religion, the answer seems obvious to me. However, if you do, it is more complicated. It is pretty much in every religion that this earth we live on is an exam, and you need to pass it to be rewarded, and satan will try to confuse your mind and make you a bad person. 

This is exactly what I don't like about religion. It gives you the grounds to blame satan for your evil acts. Nevertheless, this is definitely a wrong interpretation of the role of satan. It should not be forgotten that we choose what we want to do, and we should be held accountable for all our actions. I think this all thing looks like a classroom of students and a teacher. When the students get a good grade, it is their success and hard work, but when they don't, the teacher has given them a bad grade. 

Everything we do is our free will (I believe this doesn't depend on your religious views). It is absolutely ridiculous to say it was someone else's fault when we do something bad. Whether we believe in any kind of religion or not, we should be good people, or we will be punished by god or the society we live in or both.


A mindset that avoids self-reflection and fears accepting responsibility will always find someone to blame, a Satan in spirit or flesh. A Satan in a nation or ethnicity. 

That is how defend themselves from stress and confronting their internal issues head-on -- the most terrifying confrontation a man can face. The worst thing is that even they understand, but fear admit, that there's no escaping this confrontation. As they run from it they will get ever more desperate. 

If possible, avoid anyone who blames Satan. They will do you harm with a clear conscience.


There are definitions about Satan that implies to a "troublemaker" which for some is literally the one causing somebody else's problems. While in other definitions, it seems that the imaplication is more about Satan being a "temptation" to commit a sin or mistake.

Having said that, is it wise to assume that Satan is to be blamed for a person's problem or distress? It seem that the action that might have cause your problem is on your hands and even if the course of the action was brought by the so called "temptation" or "troublemaker", the fact that the person comprehend to it has led to the real problematic situation. Let's be honest, we make our own decisions about everything that we do or anything that relates to us. 

So, in whatever we do, we are supposed to take the full responsibility since we have the full control of it. Even if the person is indirectly influenced by the so called "troublemaker" or "temptation", we are still the master of our own choices and we have the power to decide over it.


Image source: Pixabay.com


Show me a man who blame others for his woes I'll show you an unbeliever...anonymous

Let me start by telling you the truth satan has powers, it'll be wrong to assume satan is powerless, this we can see from the book of job where God told satan to do anything in his powers but not to kill job.

Nevertheless, God's still the one with absolute power,

However God has given us a free will to choose right from biblical time till today he told Joshua, choose today who you will serve, Joshua called all the tribes of Israel and told them "as for mr and my family we will serve the lord"

Satan can influence the choice you make, however the bible says resist the devil he will flee.

If you can resist Satan and his agent in your Christian life, he will have nothing to do with you, but occasionally temptation.


Satan is not to be blamed for our woes as Christians, rather our Inability to overcome temptations and follow God's word.


This is definitely not true, mankind is known to make excuses for their ineptitude, for their crimes and the devil is a perfect entity to blame, the truth is the devil is not foolish and there are things he's guilty of and also other things he isn't guilty of.

Let's take a look at Adolf Hitler killing sizmx million Jews, is this on the devil? Was the devil responsible for the west Germany role in the world war or the total annihilation of the Japanese during the war? No, this is all on man, their self centeredness their urge to seize power and enslave other people is an example of their greed.

The bible said for "all have sinned" it didn't say "for the devil have sinned". The devil's soul aim is to tempt man, to make him sin against God by committing sins like fornication and idolatry so that mankind will be lost to the grace and kingdom of God.

I'm definitely not saying the devil is spotless, he's the father of lies and master of sin but the truth is the devil contributes in man's wayward lifestyles and other ailings but the devil is not to blame alone, mankind is responsible for some certain decision and responsibilities they garnered really and the devil is not solely to blame for everything.


Actually what drives you to make the wrong decision is not solitude. But in this case you have to understand well and correctly about shaitan and who is guilty when you make a mistake, both big and small mistakes.

Regarding this, I want to clarify who is to blame. first you have to know that in yourself there is what is called lust (an evil urge that comes from within yourself), secondly there is the temptation of shaitan which always invites and encourages you to make mistakes. and the third is shaitan.

Shaitan is a supernatural being that cannot be seen by the human senses. Actually, the shaitan is divided into two, the first is the jinn (syaitan of the genie class) and the second is human shaitan (satanic from the human group).

Humans who do not like the truth are human shaitan. and they always deceive and hate the truth.

As a true human, you should not blame other people, whether it is satan or human, but you must blame yourself. Because actually man is given endeavor (will) by God to act and do all activities. Mistakes and sins depend on your decision. If you realize and know that if it's wrong, you can choose not to do it.

So, blame yourself if you have already sinned. because you still have choices to choose and make decisions in acting.


No, he is never to blame, people are always to blame. In my book there's no such thing as Satan, and there's definitely no  such thing as blaming others for what one did.

Religion can be a great thing, people tend to believe in it and I'm not denying, the Bible has great things to teach but sometimes does more harm then good. It's easier to hide behind some lines, blame Satan for your sins instead of owning them up but we all know that's not true. These are weak people who can't take responsibility for their actions.  I guess they are counting on forgiveness, that is granted in many religions. 

This is similar to drunk people doing wrong things and  blaming on alcohol.  Each person is responsible for it's own action and should act accordingly. Alcohol is never to blame, only people and this is the case with Satan. There's no satan, only weak people who can't take responsibility. 


It is sad that many people are experts in casting blames on others over what they could not achieve.  It becomes worse when they blame beings they cannot even see, touch or talk to. In life, God has given us the will power to make choices and bear the resultant consequences. 

Anybody who is not ready to take responsibility for his life will keep blaming others to no fruition. While I do not negate the existence of Satan, I feel, he is too busy roaming around looking for excuse mongers.

We are the architect of our problems. Each time we have the sufficient will power to overcome wrong thoughts and feelings, we will.



We are to blame.

We're all responsible for our actions. Trying to cast the blame on some imaginary entity isn't going to help


At the point when Cain executed his sibling Abel, God asked him "Where is Abel thy sibling?", Cain did not concede his doing, but rather defended himself, concealing his wrongdoing. Many have ascribed this as Satan's doing, yet there is no notice of Satan in Genesis 4; Satan may have enticed Cain to murder his sibling, however an official choice was is; it was all his doing, on the grounds that Cain picked pride over modesty.

Dismissing one's blame, or faulting others isn't just less demanding yet it is additionally a spark of pride, and defers atonement; it is difficult to be unassuming while accusing others, similarly as it is difficult to be prideful while being contrite; apology is just really conceivable in lowliness of heart. All things considered, the service of Christ was about contrition (Matthew 4:17); in light of the fact that it is simpler to end up prideful than docile.

The Bible instructs that Satan has nothing to lose by being to be faulted for everything (Isaiah 14:12– 15), yet we do (2 John 7– 9). Tragically, numerous Christians appear to overlook—or even not know—this, and Satan progresses toward becoming for them the ideal substitute.

This resembles kids reprimanding their dogs for eating their homeworks; the dogs   can't question! Satan can't , and for what reason would he protest? It is really sensible to trust this is actually what he needs; he is joyfully assuming all the fault, while the offspring of God blend pride in their souls and postpone the day of their contrition.


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This is funny, because the bible actually teaches that we inherited a sin nature from Adam during the fall. We do the wrong things, because we choose to do them, because we like doing them.

Hope it helps.


Satan is a personification of evil. Such personifications were invented because it is easier to explain people moral principles through stories that have characters whose purpose is to embody the central motives or themes of the story. Bad things happen in the world usually not because there is an evil puppet master pulling everybody's strings but because people are thoughtless, blind to reality, self-centered, selfish, under duress or cowardly and just follow the herd and do that they are told they are supposed to do. Those who take the initiative to do terrible things and revel in it are usually insane in one way or another. More mad than bad.

We are to blame for our bad actions. Not some sock puppet invented for educational purposes.



ZERO cases.

Any attempt of such is a weak-ass refusal of PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY.

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Lol, what a kiddy excuse for bad choices.

Poor satan, he gets accused falsely for things that he has no idea. Off.

Ywah, you made the continuous decision to cheat on your wife with the house maid, you got the house maid pregnant, and now you blame the satan for the choicw you consciously made. This is the point where i see the hypocrisy in christians.


 Well there is also another way of asking this question. Like was it really god who helped you succeed what you did? Because everyone openly see people thanking god for reaching their goals.....

But could they really blame god for their success? or was the success the outcome of their own creativity? We see this almost everywhere, yes i want to thank god first and then this or that....

And that is the same as blaming Satan for all our problems, that saying your question is in some way already used in our society, but then with god. While the truth is, when you make a coffee and it's taste very nice, then that is because you make that coffee. And if the coffee don't taste nice, then that is also because of you.
So this counts for everything, we are all responsible for our own actions, we can't blame nobody, even if we did something good, then we should say.

I want to thank me for doing this, because if i did not keep going then i would not have succeeded. I think the only person who did that was snoop dog if am correct, and if we see that more often, then people might got inspired to do the same and try to get the best out of themselves or try to change who they are!

Instead of hoping or praying for a change, or by blaming the devil for actions. 



That is hilarious that people can not take responsibility for their own actions and try to pawn it off on some imaginary being. No, Satan is not responsible for anything because he is not real.