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What are possible ways through which i can support the Musing platform?

Cool, a lot of us bambooze ourselves with how we can get from the platform rather than how to give to the platform, so I appreciate your question. 

Firstly what is the core vision of the platform? a decentralized question and answer platform, the first best form of support will be to provide genuine and quality questions with relevant and valuable answers. Sometimes replying a question requires indepth thinking and a little bit of research, which maybe time taking, and a lot of people don't have time. This is why it takes a conscious effort to provide quality answers to questions. This is the best form of support.

You can also support by delegating to them, if you have a ample amount of SP, trust me every amount means something. I would if I could, knowing the good I will be contributing to the life of others will give me great joy. I'm not really sure of any passive returns but I think they have something in store for their delegator's.

Lastly, I guess you can also support the musing platform by letting others know about them, a decentralized question and answer platform, where users are incentivized  for providing quality answers to questions.  A lot of our knowledge goes unshared, when we supply answers to questions on musing, we give ourselves a chance to share our knowledge with the world, and earn alongside. 

What is there not to support?


Musing is an amazing platform that is very easy to use. Since it is a question answer platform that built on top of Steem blockchain, all you can do is to ask question and give answer.

Asking question

Sometimes I do not find the exact answer of my question. Then the first thing comes to my mind is Musing. I just sign in Musing and ask my question. That's it. I get the answer. If you want to support this platform, ask question that you want to know. Please do not ask question just for sake of asking or with a view to getting upvote on your question.

Answering question

Do you want to help others solving their problem?

If yes, then you can answer people's questions here on Musing. Before answering the question, read the question and understand the question first. Your answer should be specific and relevant. Try to explain your answer giving example or sharing your experience. Do not copy paste others' work. It is stealing. Give answer on your own words. You might have heard one thing, that is, write quality answer. Remember, there is no specific length of a quality answer.

Informing others about Musing

Many people still do not know much about Musing. You can inform others about this amazing platform. When a new Steemian joins Steemit, it is hard to get support on her/his post. New Steeminas spend a lot of time to make a good post, but do not get much upovte. They can give answer on Musing and there is a high chance that musing answer will receive upvote from @musing. 

Delegating SP

You can delegate SP to Musing. If you have high SP, you can do that to support this awesome platform. This will help Musing to grow.

Making Video

You can make video about Musing. And you can upload the video on DTube, YouTube and Facebook. If you upload the vidoe on YouTube and Facebook, a lot of people will know about this platform. They might not know about cryptos and blockchain. After watching the video, they will know there is another platform that is like Quora and you will get reward for your contribution.

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Good Question!

The best way to support Musing.io at the moment is through delegations as I think the Musing team are now at the point where it is hard to reward/upvote ALL good quality answers and questions on this platform due to limited VP.

Honestly 420+k SP is just not enough especially with the increasing userbase of Musing. It really would be nice if an we or an orca/whale could push @musing to at least half-a-million SP.

Second way to support Musing is by supporting it's developers or the people behind it. I'm still really amaze as to how Musing is surviving without having to take any beneficiary rewards from it's users. The @musing account also seems not to be in power-down. So I guess what I'm trying to say here is by sending the developers or even their curators some liquid Steem/SBD for their hardwork. As I think they all do this freely and voluntarily. :)

Third way to support the platform is by helping Musing get rid of plagiarizers and thiefs. If you found some stolen content being posted on Musing (especially if accidentally upvoted by @musing), don't hesitate to report it to SteemCleaners and on Musing's Discord.


There are many ways you can support Musing platform and it will all depend on areas where you can contribute. I'll, list down most of the ways I think will help the Musing platform:-

- Delage Your SP - the first step in helping musing is to delegate your extra SP. We all know the importance of steem power and if a person is willing to help muing or any other dApp platform than he can help by delegating his or her Steem power. So start with delegation of the SP. Following is the link to get you started:-


- Coding efforts - If you have a coding background than maybe getting in touch or having chat in discord channel will be helpful. There is a lot as a developer a person can contribute - so if you are willing to help as a developer then I would recommend you to get in touch with the moderators in the discord channel.

- bug raise & provide suggestion/ideas - Yes, by raising the bug in the discord channel you can help the musing platform. Join the musing discord channel and if you encountered a bug raise it in the #bug-report window.

Musing love ideas and if you have ideas sharing it on the #suggestion window.

- Report about folks who are abusing the platform- could be spamming, all accounts, spinning articles, plagiarism content i.e. stealing someone else content - just report those all instances to the #abuse window. In simple words, people who are abusing the platform and you come across just report that to the #abuse channel.

- Create a good quality content - content is the key here. Greater the quality of the content the greater are the chances of success. So contribute toward high-quality content standards for the success of the musing platform.

- Awareness & Social share -  echo the word musing all around your friends and on social media. The more user base musing gets the better it gets for the users here on the musing. So by spreading the word of the musing platform you are directly contributing to helping the musing grow. Spread the word out  loud #Musing #question #answer #bestplatform

These pointers should help you get started with helping the musing platfrom in some or the other way. I would say just make a start with any of those and as you make progress you will land into the right direction.


1. Keep on publishing content on it. Ask good questions and write good answers as a minimum. 

2. Keep number in mind, then occasionally support other users that practice those too. Interaction is another aspect of musing that is underrated. I think it's value is not limited to simple Q and A, it can be a place where people socially interact and take in more insights overall. 


The only way we can help is by providing the best possible answers and questions as possible.

We have to help musing grow by trying to get more users coming to the platform. The bigger musing becomes the better it is for them. The better it is for everybody who enjoys the site.

Musings makes their financial rewards of curation on the questions and answers and I am sure tokens will be issued when SMT's start. I am just guessing on this as nothing has been mentioned. I have been listening to other users talking about SMT's and Dapp's will have tokens holding value against Steem. This will help empower the musing community. I don't know all the ins and outs so we will have to wait and see if this is going to happen.

My account is too small to delegate right now but I would like to say thank you at some point by delegating to them. I am trying to grow as quickly as I can so I can assist not only here but maybe with some new users.

I think all we can do for now is to try and do the best for musing by promoting the site and just doing our best on the answers and questions in the meantime.


1) Give right answer to the question:-

This is the basic thing which musing platform need the most. User need to answers only such questions which they know unnecessary giving every answers for upvote purpose is not the right way for using musing platform.

2) Answer and question for help not for upvote:-

Musing is here to help the society and there is a rule if we help someone then only other will help us. So with this rule work in musing for solving other dout and problem. 

3)Share Musing with other friends:-

This is the best way to help musing as if you are getting rewarded for answering question then you can tell other friends about musing and it will help your friends to earn some reward by using musing app. As quora works with the same concept by having more users to give genuing opinion.

This are some of the basic points which helps you to work in musing platform and earn some more reward. Keep supporting


There are three ways I can think of off hand that you can support the Musing Platform.

The first would be to promote it.  Blog about it, tell your friends about it, get others involved in using Musing.io.  The more users there are the more questions there will be to answer.  We want to see Musing grow and the best way to do that is to bring new users to the platform.

Second, make sure you are posting good quality questions and answers.  Musing isn't going to be a place that people want to be if there is a bunch of crap on here.  We need to make sure that we are showing a good face to the rest of the world.  It is okay for a question to be fun or light hearted, but some of the questions people post are just a mockery of what the platform is here for.

Finally, the third thing you can do is try to get involved.  Either by delegating SP to the musing account or by reaching out to them via Discord to see about being a curator.  With the huge amount of questions and answers that are being posted here every day, it probably takes a lot of time for the curation team to review them all.  If they are looking for people to help curate and you think you can do the job, that might be another way to support them.


I think that just by providing great questions and answers we are helping Musing grow into a 'knowledge base'. Without any great questions and answers then Musing wouldn't even exist or would just be a failure.

We really want top quality answers so that in the future when people want answers to any questions they will come to Musing rather than Quora or other competitors. Musing is still in its infancy, and so it really needs to make an impact, and I think that outside investors will evaluate this platform based on the quality of content.

There are other ways to help musing grow, such as through delegation (which will help Musing grow and offer larger incentives), but I truly think that focussing on quality content is the best way for Musing to grow


Do not copy and paste answers from other sites and just write on your own, that will be the best way to support the Musing Platform.


Upvote from musing.io is not guaranteed.  

However, there are two way by which upvotes can be earned.

First through asking questions. Before asking questions following should be kept in mind.

Question should be relevant.

Avoid asking repeated question.

Question asked should be clear and properly described.

Second way of getting upvtoes is by answering the questions asked by the user. Following should be kept in mind while answering:

Answer given should be relevant to the question asked.

Given complete explanation of answer for better understanding.

Avoid coping others content. Otherwise you will be flagged.


By Delegation 

By pose a question

By share knowledge and experience

By Detail content