How to convert steem or sbd into liquid cash?

Here in the Philippines, we use coins.ph to convert BTC to fiat or actual cash.

There is no direct way to convert Steem and SBD to cash here so, it is needed to convert those coins to BTC first.

I transfer my Steem and SBD to Bittrex.com then buy or convert it to BTC. Then send it to coins.ph. You can opt to receive it in pesos already in coins.ph or in Bitcoins and just convert it to pesos in the said site.

Then there are several options there whether to withdraw it to your bank account or wire transfers.


It really depends on which country you below but I'd like to answer it in a "general" manner as much as possible.

One thing to look on is first is of course you need to know the current price (preferrable in usd) of Steem/Sbd to know approximately how much you will be receiving.

Second, you need to choose an exchanger. These exchanger allow you to convert your Sbd/Steem into a cryptocurrency that is accepted by your country. Most of the accepted coins are Bitcoin and Etherium. They are the coins that are fully accepted in almost all of the countries in the world. I'd like to suggest using @blocktrades because as a Steemian, this user has been very helpful to the success of this blockchain.

Third, select a local exchanger in your area. Have your Bitcoin/Etherium wallet address and make it as a recipient address. Once you received it, convert it from a cryptocurrency (in Btc or Eth) to your local currency.

Then you can select how to cashout your earning. In my case, I am using my bank account (though they say it is risky but it has zero transaction cost).


This is very easy to do. It actually depends on the type of currency you spend in your country. I am very sure there are some exchange platforms solely created for the exchange of steem or SBD into your Fiat currency. For Nigerians, we have trusted platform on whatsApp and telegram where all Nigerians trade their SBD or Steem directly into Naira such that you get your money into your bank account automatically. If you are a Nigerian and you are interested in such platform, you can let me know by commenting on this post so that I can share you the link.

Another easy and most widely used method is to convert your steem or SBD into Bitcoin. Anybody can do this irrespective of your location. All you need to do is to make use of Blocktrades. It is also imperative you have a Bitcoin Wallet where you can store your Bitcoins after converting your steem and SBD. You can set up your Bitcoin Wallet with the use of blockchain, bittrex, binance, and other trusted cryptocurrency Exchanger platforms.

Once you are able to convert your steem and SBD into Bitcoin, you can easily trade your Bitcoin into your Fiat currency. For Nigerians, I recommend the use of LUNO and for international countries, you can make use of paxful and other trusted BTC withdrawal App.

Also, you have to be very careful when doing such things to avoid falling in the hands of fraudsters. You also have to be very careful when dealing with people involving the trading process. It is recommended for Nigerians to make use of Airhawk Exchange.

In conclusion, it is very easy to convert your steem and SBD into your Fiat currency. You can either trade directly on airhawk exchange (for Nigerians) or you convert into Bitcoin and then trade your Bitcoin for cash. Feel free to make comments if you are having any difficulty regarding the process, I will always be here to help you.

Thanks for reading and I hope this helps.


This is not hard at all. There are alot of platforms which exchange steem and sbd for cash. Some good examples are steemexchanger, airhawk, binance, olamax exchange.

All you nees to do is search for them online, especially steemexchanger.com. Register with the appropriate details which should include your account details and place your buy or sell order.


Well there are two ways that could be done in order to make Steem/SBD into Fiat

The first one is quite easy 

If you know someone from your country who is using Steem Blockchain than you can send the Steem/SBD to that person and sell it easily to that person and they can pay you in cash in your countries currency by the way that you usually prefer.

While the second option that I usually do

You can use an exchange that supports Steem/SBD conversion into BTC or altcoins such as Bittrex/Binance they are the most pouplar ones ( there are other exchanges that supports Steem/SBD conversion, you can view the list on coinmarketcap of Steem /SBD in market option ) later you can send that BT/altcoin to the exchange that your country supports or helps in conversion of the Crypto to your countries currency.

That is it you are done and I sometimes use both the ways in conversion of Steem/SBD to my countries currency.

Hope it helps.


There are many exchanges where this can be done. We have Bitterex, Ploniex, Coin-exchange, Cryptopia and so on. The first thing to be done is to sign up on any of these exchanges. I use Bitterex for this purpose. The SBD or steem will first be sent from Steemit wallet to the exchange steem wallet. After the SBD or Steem drops in the exchange wallet, it will be converted to bitcoin and then sent to any platform that can be used to convert bitcoin to local currency (Fiat). I preffer Luno for this because it makes transactions easier. From this platform, the fiat can be transferred to Bank account. Its as easy as that.


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It depend on the currency involved

For dollars, you can use coinbase. However, you'll have to convert your Steem or SBD to bitcoin and other supported cryptocurrency before you can convert to fiat.

For other currencies, you can convert to bitcoin and use localbitcoins,com to connect with bitcoin buyers in your region. You can then exchange your bitcoin for fiat