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Are you making any difference in the World?
Many people are good at accessing and judging how bad things around them are, many even point out to how others are doing nothing and all that but very few take out time to look at what contributions they are making to change the situation.

In my opinion, everyone in this world really makes a difference. If at all we are not making any difference, we would have not born here at all. I'm a strong believer of the fact that every single person's birth in the world is for a reason and they will definitely contribute their part when their time comes. It might look as if someone is selfish through their lifetime but my feeling is that it wont definitely end up that way. Even though they don't really showcase any considerable change they make to this world, indirectly there will be many aspects in this would that would expect their contribution. 

Compared to so many huge things in this universe, I'm just a small entity but I still feel that even a small ant can make a major contribution to this world and even to this universe. We still don't know the power of small particles. In order to have a positive attitude, one should not be judgemental. Not everything is visible to our eyes. There are so many beautiful things in this world that are not visible to our eyes. 

Every living being makes a difference

As I mentioned in the previous paragraph, it is not just humans who make any difference in this world. The other species that co-exist with us makes a huge different for the sustainability and stability of this planet. Bees are always given as the best example to provide this fact. There goes a saying that we will not be able to survive even one year if there are no bees in this world. They take care of the pollination part. Every fruit or food item we consume is the effort of some insect or bees or some contribution of a living being. So I strongly believe that every living being that co-exist with us in this planet helps us both directly and indirectly. 

I make a difference to these living being by doing my part of the work that I'm supposed to do. I feel that we have to be supportive to people whenever they need us. It may not be a direct support but people who are already supporting other living beings should look forward to support even more. People who are highly fond of feeding the birds and other living being without expecting anything in return are the great contributors to this world. It is always human mentality to expect something in return before rendering our help. Humans are highly calculative that before even doing a task they do all sorts of calculations to be convinced about the outcome of the task. Some people won't even attempt to do the task if there are no returns from the task. 

Nature is not doing the same thing. They don't expect anything in return from us unlike humans. We have to understand the fact that it is not always about us. It is about others. If we learn to dedicate our life for others, then life will be beautiful. 

How I make a difference as an individual?

If you ask me if would will be able to survive without me, I would say it will but in a way things that I'm supposed to contribute in this lifetime would have been a miss if I was not there. This is applicable for every living being in this planet. We are not going to be permanent in this world but my teacher used to say that we have to be very helpful to everyone, even though we are not going to stay here forever. Some things we might be able to do without any hesitation but for certain things we might have some hesitation so as to do it or not. In such cases, we can listen to our heart and do it if it is really going to help someone. With humility I feel the below items are the contributions from my side to this world:

  • Helping the needy. Sometimes I may not be in a state to directly help a person in need. But most of the times I have at least been a postman delivering the help from one person to another person. 
  • I spend lots of time in learning values in this life. I also take efforts to transfer what I have learnt through experience to my friends and family. 
  • I care for nature and have tried to help nature retain its natural state. I have planted many trees and I will continue to do it throughout my lifetime. 
  • I don't know if this will be a valid reason but I have lived my life as a vegetarian and will still continue to do it until the end of my life. I'm a strong believer of the fact that we should be providing enough space to every living being in this world. When we have that thought, it is completely unfair to kill a living being and consume it as food. Ethically it doesn't feel right to me, so I stay as a vegetarian providing space for every living being to live their life. 
  • I know nature heals by itself but I feel there is an endurance level and today it is going beyond the endurance level and we are polluting and spoiling our planet slowly. I'm trying to not be someone hurting this planet. 

I would say people are filled with both positives as well as negatives. Every individual will have a positive in them and if we give more focus to the positives, we can be a good contributor to this world. If people are with bad intentions, we will try to change them. If it is difficult, lets keep our values with ourselves and stay positive. 

Image Source: Pixabay.com


I believe fully that I make a difference in the world. I make it a point to help others, I often help the homeless, and I try to look out for those who are also struggling in life. I'm currently not having an easy time in my life, and I can't afford to give, but I do it anyways, because it's the right thing to do, and whether or not karma is rewarded in a positive way for my actions, that is not why I do it. I believe in helping my fellow man/woman unconditionally.


I reduce the food and water supply