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If love involves embracing every aspect of a person, how true is love at first sight?

I actually do believe in love at first sight. Call me an hopeless romantic but it happens to be how it is.

The way I see it is pretty simple. It might be not be a very popular way of seeing it but in my opinion there are different levels of love. There is of course the traditional lust, like and love, all varying with the deepness and genuiness of feelings of affection proclaimed.

But I take it further by saying that even the degree of love varies, not so much with genuiness this time--seeing as all forms of love must by definition be genuine--but with deepness.

This is where love at first sight comes in.

To me, as a member of that romantic tradition, I believe in connections and communications that go deeper than those words can convey. I suppose one of the very pre requisites of being a romantic is to have a belief in words but also understand its genuine incompetence at the same time.

Which is where something deeper is needed.

And that is how love at first sight comes into play. In any case where this happens I believe it does so because there has been a communication of this sort, transcending mere words but connecting to something much deeper and much truer, than the kinds a million words can convey.

And it is when that kind of communication occurs between two people that we can say there has been love at first sight between them.

And even though, like I mentioned earlier, this kind of love, genuine though I feel it is, might not neccesarily be at the deepest stage it could be yet. As time goes on the people involved might later get to know each other more deeply and have an even better appreciation of themselves. But again this is not to desprecate or even say that there is no such thing as love at first sight.

And when you really consider it you'd find that it does not even slightly contradict what you wrote as the preface to the question--I mean the condiction that love must include embracing every aspect of the other person.

Only in love at first the communication is more, dare I say, transcendent and on a much subtler key.

So there you have it, my attempt as a romanticist trying to explaining love at first. I hope you have been converted, if you haven't before, to a hopeless believer in love at first sight like me.

Cheers and have a nice day!

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Yes, it is true, love should embrace every aspect of person's life but I honestly don't believe in love at first site. Instead, there is a feeling of affection at first site - a mere feeling of attraction either on opposite sex or same sex as the society embraces today. So if you want to know how I evaluate the love on a first sight, well, it is just an infatuation and I think its natural for humans to get attracted to someone else. Hope my opinion helps!


You must have heard that most of the animals can smell your fear. Is it really true?

You must have known about the aura of a person. I, along with lot of peoples, do believe that it does exist and animals are quite sensitive to sense it. Aura has many colors ... There are two theories ... first, these colors shows the emotions and second, these colors changes with the emotions.

I think of them as the rays which have energy and sometimes this energy gets a level to enable them to travel more than normal distance or to strengthen them to penetrate into someone else brain, which is known as telepathic connection. This is because these connections that sometimes people say, "I was gonna say the same thing" or sometimes people say the exact same words at the same time.

Love at first sight is somewhat similar to getting the sense of the aura of the other person or getting the energy waves of the emotions from other person, which could make them to love each other without any reason or fully knowing each other.

... Just my thoughts after mine and some of others shared experiences.

Thanks & have beautiful day.


It's true that love encompasses loving every aspect of the person, but before we get to the extent of loving every other aspect, the attraction we get initially is love at first sight. And it's a reality.

Experts have described it as a chemical reaction that occurs in the brain with the love cocktail comprised of phenylethylamine, dopamine, norepinephrine and some other components.

These components are responsible for the feeling we get the first time in a process called 'falling in love'.

But this initial feeling is not all about love. The true love as you mentioned is about our conscious effort at caring for the person.

So, yes. Love at first sight exists. It's all a chemical reaction. I hope you get to experience it, or have you already? Lol.



well i personally believe in love but actually i do not believe in love at first sight though i have heard many people talk about it,i believe that the feeling of love do not just develop suddenly,i believe love is a feelings that grow time to time,this is just my own personal opinion.......i believe that what commonly happens at first sight  which some people mistook for love is pure lust,i will call it lust and not love at first sight....


As true as one declares it to be FOR THEMSELVES.

Of course, it COULD just be LUST at first sight, thus their personal experience of truth objectively being delusion.

And, this also depends on the definition of “truth” in question.

And then again, on the same token by the same logic, how could ANY “love” be true if it’d take an entire lifetime or more to truly discover EVERY aspect of a person...?


Also to add...

“Truth is different at different levels of consciousness.” ~ Peter Sage


 Love at first sight is bullshit if you ask me, it should have been called "lust at first sight". Because there could never be love between people if they had never talked with each other before.

That's needed to love someone, it's who we truly are inside of us will be connected with someone else. That could not be done if there was no communication before. But what i personally think is, what people experience is lust.

To see body of a person, the eyes, the walk, the smell, the clothes are only the outside of that person. It says nothing about who that person is from the inside, and there for i think love at first sight is nothing but a way of saying a situation, what looks like love, but has more in common with lust.

So there is no love at first sight, only a chemical reaction of seeing someone who that person think is attractive. it's like seeing a nice car, but you have no idea how it drives or how the engine is good or not! 


There is nothing wrong with love, because love is a form of one's feelings that comes from the deepest heart. However, how do we treat it and assume that love is true.

It is not love that governs us, but it is we who manage and make love perfect, so that the people we love and love us and feel love are present in all aspects of our lives.